Handmade Planner Cover for Discbound & Rhodia Goalbook

Handmade planner cover for discbound and bullet journal

I’ve lost planner peace. My Franken bullet journal (Muji plus Rhodia goalbook planner set up from earlier this year isn’t working for me anymore. Turns out several of my friends are going through the same thing. Perhaps it’s because it’s the end of the school year. Or what I need my planner to do has changed.

My dissatisfaction didn’t arrive overnight. I noticed how often I paperclipped things to my planner pages. Or needed to add an extra street in between sections but didn’t want to take it in. I began to miss the flexibility of my discbound planner. I felt hemmed in by the layout in my Muji planner–which I had previously loved.

Since I’ve jumped back into freelance writing again, I need to organize my task lists in a project management style. Instead of daily or weekly to-do items like I do now. Because I’m not sure what type of layout (if any) I will work best for my brain, I didn’t want to invest in new supplies. I can play around with some printables or draw my own layouts for now.

However, I wanted a cover for my two notebooks. I’m still using my Rhodia Goalbook for goal planning, social media tracking, and mindmapping. I looked at several planner covers designed for coil or discbound planners, but they all felt bulky to me.

Embroidery and applique close-up

I remembered a cover I made over 10 years ago, before A5 and half letter size planner covers became popular. I sewed a fabric over to fit over a 3-ring binder. After digging through some dusty boxes, I found it!  Because I can’t do anything halfway, I appliqued and embroidered a lotus on the front cover. It came out well for a prototype and I used it for almost 2 years.

Inside front planner cover

Past me did a pretty good job designing and sewing this cover!

This cover isn’t exactly what I need right now, but it’s good enough. Currently there’s no pen loop. That’s something I can attached in five minutes or less. The cover is a bit floppy since I designed it for a hardbound 3-ring binder.

Rhodia goalbook & discbound planner inside cover

There’s pockets on each side for me to slip both my discbound planner and Rhodia Goalbook. They’re a little loose, but I don’t travel with my planner so that’s not a big deal right now.

Since it was originally designed to hold a binder with 1.5″ rings, my cover is wide enough to accommodate the 1″ discs. This was my main issue with the planner covers I found at the craft store.

Inside front pocket

I have no idea why I added this HUGE pocket. It can easily fit my stencil and any stickers, papers, etc I want to keep handy.

Inside front small pockets

There’s also these smaller pockets, perfect for business cards or sticky flags.

My stitches are a bit wonky, but I think I stealth sewed this in the middle of the night. After my daughter was asleep. The pink stitching is a good contrast. I’m glad I still like it.

back pocket of handmade planner cover

In the back is another pocket. Good for a notepad, my stencil, stamps. I wouldn’t put pens in here, since the planner and journal won’t lay flat with them in it. Maybe I could hold my pens in there when I’m not using my planner.

There you go. A walk through of handmade planner cover I made over 10 years ago. Who knew I could find another use for it now?!

I’ll keep you updated on how things work out.

How’s your planner working out for you? Do you still have planner peace?