Thanks for visiting I’m Not the Nanny, where I share the fusion of Asian, African-American cultures in parenting, food, and technology.

I’m Thien-Kim. My family lives in the Washington, DC metro area. I love coffee, books, my kids, tech, cooking, and bubble baths. Not necessarily in that order. (I should probably add my husband to that list too.)

As the mom of biracial children, I’ve been mistaken for the nanny, depending on which DC Metro park I visit. I started this site as a way to share the challenges and joys of raising biracial children. It has evolved as I share my foodie obsessions, my journey towards a healthier lifestyle, and the latest tech and app I’m addicted to.

Thien-Kim's Family

 Talking and teaching race to children can be tricky, especially when raising two Hapa children (Vietnamese-American and African American). I don’t have all the answers (sometimes none at all), but I’ll share them on this site because there are many parents of mixed race children who have the same challenges.

I’m constantly on the look out for books, toys, movies, etc that will teach our kids diversity as well as allow them to see people who look like them in books, toys, and movies. Whenever I find a good source, I’ll share them here! If you hear of anything or work with a company that offer these types of products, I’d love to hear from you.

I’ve been featured on NBC News Asian AmericaBBC World Have Your Say about being mistaken for the nannyNPR’s All Things Considered Checking More Than One Box: A Growing Multiracial Nation and the Washington Post’s Number of biracial babies soar over past decade. My writing has been honored as BlogHer Voices of the Year Keynote  (video of my keynote).

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