My 2018 Franken Bullet Journal

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Lihit Lab cover with my bullet journal

The quest for the perfect paper planner never ends. It’s the holy grail for paper planner people.

I thought I had the perfect planner. After proclaiming my love for discbound planners for many years, I’ve switched formats. I know.

My work load changed significantly back in September so my tracking needs changed.  Previously I’d track everything by project with a list of tasks under it. No need for dates. In September, I needed to a way to remember time sensitive work tasks. So I drew a weekly spread in my bullet journal.

This year, I switched to a Muji Weekly Planner and Rhodia Goalbook combo. Thanks to a friend, I also found a sweet Lihit Lab notebook cover for them. It’s bright orange. I must have color in my life and this cover fits the bill. Don’t worry, there are other, not as loud colors available. Everything is A5 size (about half a letter sized paper).

I made a video to show you how I have my planner set up. Check it out:

I also did a pen test in the Muji and was very impressed with the paper. It’s nicer than the Muji graph notebooks I use. A bit smoother.

Pen test in Muji Planner

If you want to try any of these things, I’ve created a mini-store on Amazon with all of my favorite planner and pen supplies.

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