How to Set Up a Discbound Planner

Updated: I’ve added all my supplies (and more) into one convenient shopping list!

DIY Planner with discboundI am a planner addict. Every year I think I’ve found the perfect planner for my needs. Then the end of the year rolls around and I start browsing other planners. So shiny. So pretty! I’m not the only one right?

Last year I went the printable/DIY planner route. I bought a gorgeous binder that felt professional and classy. Best of all, it was red. My favorite color. Printable planner pages work well for me. It allowed me to try out different page formats without spending a ton of money.

Short of making my own planner pages, I have yet to find a layout that is perfect for me. I’ll keep playing around with Miss Tiina’s unplanner printables. I love her free and paid calendar printables because she uses bright colors. I bought the A5/Half sheet size for easier printing. I also use pages from Secret Owl Society Life Binder.

Old and new DIY Planner

For 2016, I’m shrinking my planner to make it more portable. I want to be able to tuck into my purse or tote bag without being too bulky.

I’ve been oogling the Levenger Circa (and its less expensive cousin Staples Arc) disc bound systems for a while. Both of these systems can work interchangeably.  Then the perfect storm of coupons and sales happened.  I jumped in with just a small investment. It also helped that Staples Arc has a faux leather cover in red. Plastic dividers were only $4. Not bad.

You can see in the first photo how the sizes compare. The bottom one is my old planner. The one on top is the Staples Arc Junior size.

The discbound planners are exactly how they sound. Instead of a wire or ring, flat discs hold the pages together. They are a lot sturdier than they sound.  You can easily remove and insert pages wherever you want in the binder. The caveat to the disc bound planner is that you need a special hole punch or you need to buy already punched pages.  Amazon to the rescue!

My planner (so far) has monthly calendar pages, daily docket pages, a section for notes (with paper that came with binder), and a section with sketch paper (that I punched for the book).

I’m sure my planner will evolve as I use it. Which is why I chose to DIY it with the discbound system.

DIY Discbound Planner Supplies

DIY Planner supplies

To recap the supplies I’ve used for my half-sheet planner:

What kind of planner are you using for 2016? Need ideas? Check out my tips on finding the perfect planner.

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