Multicultural families are a new norm. No matter what our cultural backgrounds or family make-up is, we aim to raise a generation of global citizens. We reach through our screens to connect with other parents who want to offer a colorful, diverse life for their children.

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I’m Not the Nanny provides resources for open-minded, tech savvy families to discover the diverse world around us through honest reviews and activities. We also create and develop recipes that fit busy families’ lifestyles and are kid approved. We’ve worked with larger brands and smaller companies to craft authentic, first person stories about ideas, recipes, and products. We show why we love it and how it makes our family’s life better.

I’m Not the Nanny has worked with these brands:

Straight Talk Wireless
National Geographic Kids
FAAR (Foundation For Advancing Alcohol Responsibility)
Honest Tea
PBS Kids

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I’m Not the Nanny only takes products that fit our lives and those of our audience. We’d love to partner up to create something special together instead of just sharing press releases or updates our audience can easily find through a search engine. Our inbox overflows with offers for hi-res images or passing along information about a new product. Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate such offers.

We’re looking for true partnerships that are big on collaboration and offer lasting impressions.