My 2019 Word of the Year

2019 Word of the Year: Fearless


This year my word chose me. Which is not how it normally goes for me.

Since 2012, I’ve chosen a word each year as way to guide my intentions throughout the year.  Though I put time and energy into picking the “perfect” word, I realized that I don’t revisit it after the first three months or so.

Looking back at 2018

Take Flourish, last year’s word. It was a set it and forget it moment for me. In December friends were tossing potential words around. They asked me what my 2018 word. I had to search my own site to remember what it was.

Did I flourish last year? I did. Maybe not in the way I’d hoped. Life never goes according to how we plan, but the word subconsciously stuck with me.

  • My Bawdy Bookworms business flourished. I introduced new products and grew its community.
  • My fiction writing blossomed and flourished. Sure, there was plenty of self-doubt along the way, but I finished the first draft to my first ever interracial romance novel.
  • I made a conscious effort to spend more time with my family. I don’t mean all of us sitting around looking at our own mobile devices. We had family movie nights, attended musicals and plays, and cooked together

My 2019 Word

Thien-Kim Fearless


You know that feeling when you say something out loud and it just clicks? That’s what happened when my word found me. As I replied to the multitude of pitches I receive for this site, I told myself to shoot for the moon. If I don’t ask, how will I know.

I’m going to be fearless, I told myself. Who cares if I get turned down?

I’ve let the word run through my head often since January 1st. This year I will attempt to be more conscious of my word, so I’m going to make some jewelry to help me remember. Stay tuned for updates on my word of the year jewelry.

This year I’m choosing to push through my fears and go for it. I’m going to be Fearless.

What’s your word for 2019?