Say it with me: “We’re NOT the Nanny”

Thien-Kim in superhero shirt

First, welcome to all my new readers! For those new to this site, I write about all sorts of things, but mostly about multicultural parenting, diverse books, food, and some tech. Did I mention food?

Our family is Vietnamese American and African American. My husband and I grew up in Louisiana so we have a lot of amazing food and traditions to pass on to our kids.  I’m glad you’re here. Don’t forget to sign up for email updates so you don’t miss any of good stuff (see bar at top of the page to sign up)!

Well, what an intense week this has been.

When I started this blog 7 years ago, I hoped that the conversation about interracial families and our mixed race children would have evolved more by now. Alas, it has not–as evidenced by the current conversation about the viral BBC video.

I’m glad to have contributed to the conversation on BBC Radio’s World Have Your Say and my op-ed article on NBC.

So here’s the thing: we all have unconscious bias when it comes to others. Sometimes we catch the bias as it happens, like realizing that Jung-a Kim isn’t her children’s nanny. Sometimes we don’t. But, we can’t not become defensive when someone calls us out on our assumptions about others. Take that moment to look within and understand where the bias is coming from. Then work to change it.

One way we can help change the conversation is to talk about race with your kids and family.

Read diverse books together and talk about them.  They don’t all have to be “issue” books. Read books where we’re seen as real people, doing everyday things too. Here are some links to get you started:

Thanks for being here!