Parenting Meets Race #22: This Week’s Must Read Stories

Parenting Meets Race Round-Up

Well, the internet blew up this week about the Korean mom whom everyone thought was the nanny. Here’s the lowdown on that video and other parenting meets race stories.

  • First the story about the cute biracial kids interrupting the BBC video (Mashable)
  • Next up, about people who incorrectly assumed his wife Jung-a Kim was the nanny (LA Times)
  • The fantastic conversation about it on the I’m Not the Nanny Facebook page
  • Why Mixed-Race Americans Will Not Save the Country (NPR)
  • This Quiz Called “Who’s Your Token Asian?” Totally Nails The Struggles Asian Girls Face In The West (Buzzfeed)
  • What Biracial People Know (New York Times)
  • Colorblind isn’t the goal (Medium)

What parenting meets race stories have you read this week? Share in the comments.


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