Take More Date Night #Spousies with Chime by Sitter City

I love dating my husband. Since our kids spend most of the summer with their grandparents, we take full advantage of our child-free time. This includes our Date Night Spousies (spouse selfies). I return back to DC next week with the kids. Does that mean our impromptu date nights are over?

Not quite.

Enter Chime by Sittercity, the newest sitter service in the DC area. Chime provides on-demand sitters, perfect for spontaneous date nights or your weekly scheduled outing.

Chef Tony Chittum & Chime founder Genevieve Thiers

Iron Gate Chef Tony Chittum & Chime founder Genevieve Thiers

Last week I met Genevieve Thiers, founder of Chime and Sitter City, in Iron Gate’s beautiful outdoor dining area.  As the mother of two young twins, Genevieve understands how tough it can be to find time for date nights and the challenges of finding a sitter. That’s why she founded Chime.

Free babysitting:  Thanks to a partnership with Chime and DC area Neighborhood Restaurant Group, new users can get $60 in sitting credits with code NRG. (Code valid through Labor Day)

Since my kids were away, I haven’t been able to try out Chime yet, but our 14th wedding anniversary is later this month. I can’t wait to use Chime. Not only will I’ll be able to confirm my sitter’s availability within minutes, I know that their rate will be consistent no matter whom I choose.  Rates for the DMV is $15 an hour plus an additional $1/hour per additional child. All sitters must go through background checks, interviews, and social media screening. AND sitters must be at least 18 years of age.

Iron Gate DC Appetizers

Now that you know how Chime works, let’s discuss the delicious food at Iron Gate, one of the many restaurants under NRG umbrella. We had a sampling of appetizers. If I had to choose a favorite, it’d be either the summer melon salad or the deviled Carolina shrimp gratin.  The melon salad was refreshing–just what I needed during a hot and humid DC summer. The shrimp gratin, on the other hand, was pure comfort food with its cheese, spices, and shrimp. You’ll have to visit Iron Gate and try one of Chef Tittum’s dishes for yourself!

Take advantage of the Chime’s free credits and try out an NRG restaurant. You deserve a date night.

Don’t forget to take a #spousie!

I was invited to a blogger dinner to learn about Chime by Sittercity and Iron Gate restaurant. I was not obligated to write about them, but I’m excited about more date nights with my husband this fall!