A Summer of Date Nights #Spousie

You’d think that my summer would be less busy with the kids in Louisiana, but I’m taking advantage of being kid-free. My husband and I don’t do many date nights throughout the year because it hurts my brain to work out schedules, sitters, and such. We usually Netflix and chill with bad disaster movies.

Independence Day 2 Spousie

Summer is different because we can be more spontaneous. Over the holiday weekend, we finally saw Independence Day: Resurgence.  Both my husband and I love disaster movies–even the ones with aliens. We’re both huge fans of the first Independence Day film (affiliate link). We’ve both seen it too many times to count.

Independence Day 2 was a lot of fun. If you go see it, I recommend rewatching the first movie. I feel like I missed a lot of inside jokes because the film wasn’t fresh in my memory. However, hearing Brent Spiner make a Star Trek joke during ID2 was totally worth it. The geek is strong in me.

Dinner with friends spousie

We even gussied up for a gathering of adults! Our good friends were in DC for the weekend and invited friends over for dinner. Even this introvert enjoy an evening of intelligent, opinionated conversation with strangers.

Probably helped that we consumed 5 bottles of wine among the 7 of us.

I should have taken more #spousie (selfie with spouse) over the weekend. Don’t worry, though, we have more date nights and more potential spousies.

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