For the Love of Cats Big & Small

Selfie with Max the Cat

I’ve written a lot about our family this month, but have mostly ignored some very important family members: Pixie and Max our cats. We adopted Pixie in 2013 and Max this summer. As cute as kittens are, my husband and I are adamant about adopting adult cats. They have a harder time finding forever homes. While we don’t know their history before they joined our families, we love them–quirks and all.

Sophia put earmuffs on Pixie the Cat

Pixie has bonded with Sophia and they sleep together every night. Max puts up with Jaxson’s excitement. Both cats come running when they hear the pop of the wet food can. They’ve truly made our family happier.

Max sleeping on my desk

Even when Max sits on my keyboard. It’s all in the name of furry love.

In honor of our family’s small cats and as a National Geographic Kids Insider, I’m sharing how we can save the Big Cats. You know: lions and tigers and jaguars (but not bears). These majestic cats are declining at an alarming rate. To call attention to the endangered animals, TOMS have partnered with National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative.

OMS Big Cat Collection Girls Shoes

TOMS created The Big Cats Collection, a line of shoes and accessories that are inspired by these wild felines. They sent my husband a pair of shoes from the collection. He’s been on the go in them and I’ve yet to take a photo of him wearing his TOMS!

TOMS Big Cat Collection Men's Shoes

The shoes are casual and comfy–perfect for family time on weekends. Even if that family time involves snuggling with our little cats.

Husband on couch with Max the Cat

Whether you grab a pair of these cute shoes for your kids or treat yourself, this collection is the gift that gives back.  For every pair you purchase,  TOMS will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need as part of their One for One® program.

Cheetah and cubs National Geographic Photo Photo by Morris Thurston

Visit National Geographic to learn more about The Big Cats Initiative and download this free gorgeous wallpaper photo for your desktop, phone or tablet.

As a National Geographic Kids Insider, I received a pair of TOMS shoes for review. All opinions are my own.


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