Our End of Summer Bucket List (DC Style)

Family reunited at airport

Back together at last!

The kids are back!

My summer has been fairly quiet without them. My husband and I have enjoyed our quality date nights. I’ve been super productive with work. The kids had a blast with both sets of grandparents in Louisiana. It’s been a good summer so far, but I’m glad they’re back! They’re glad to be home too.

Over first family dinner since their return, we come up with a short list of things to do as a family before school starts in less than 4 weeks.  It’s a short list because I still want us to chill out and relax before the back-to-school craze begins.

Our End of Summer Bucket List

Sophia with Max the Cat

1. Adopt a cat. Spend quality time with our pets. We’ve been debating on adding another cat to our family. We were prepared to look at least a month or so to find the right cat for our family (and vice versa). Then we met Max, this gray tabby. He’s so loving and sweet. He gives great snuggles. Even better, Jaxson’s loud voice doesn’t scare Max. Now we just have to convince Pixie (our Russian Blue) that Max is a nice cat.

2. Go to the Beach. I hope the weather cools off a bit when we make a day trip to Breezy Point Beach. We went several times last summer. It’s about an hour drive from us and fairly quiet. We’ve never visited on the weekend, so I hope it won’t be too crowded.

3. Go to the other Beach. Everyone’s been talking about The Beach installation at the National Building Museum. The museum has been transformed into a giant ball pit, filled with thousands of white plastic balls.  This one is indoors so I guess it won’t be as hot. The DC Moms has some great tips about the Beach exhibit. Read it before you go.

Sophia and Jaxson at Library

4. Visit our library. Often.

5. Visit a farm and pick some peaches, tomatoes, and blackberries. I’m thinking peach cobbler, salsa, and blackberry pie.

6. See a movie in the movie theater. I’m not sure which one. It’s a toss up between Minions and Shaun the Sheep. Have you seen either one?

What plans do you have for the rest of summer?

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