A Day Trip to Breezy Point Beach

Selfie with husband-I'm Not the Nanny

With the countdown to school down to the single digits, we took a day trip to Breezy Point Beach in Chesapeake Beach, MD. Without traffic its about an hour drive from us. AND it didn’t require crossing the Bay Bridge, which is unpredictable traffic-wise. Perfect for a day trip to escape busy DC.

We spent a few hours of doing nothing but sitting on the sand, splashing in the waves and  unplugging. Of everyone, I needed the unplugging the most.

View of Breezy Point Beach-I'm Not the Nanny

It was a gorgeous day–not too hot with a cool breeze. The skies were clear and the sand wasn’t too hot. Breezy Point Beach wasn’t crowded at all, especially for a Friday afternoon. The kids made fast friends with a boy who had his own boogie board. Of course they shared their foam noodles with the boy and his sister. I love how easily kids make friends, with no baggage or trust issues that we adults have.

Sophia at Breezy Point Beach-I'm Not the Nanny

 There was plenty of relaxing going on. Sophia has always wanted to bury herself in the sand. Why not?

Jaxson legs in sand Breezy Point Beach-I'm Not the Nanny

Jaxson multitasked by burying his legs in the sand and making sand bundt cakes.

Reading at the Breezy Point Beach--I'm Not the Nanny

As for me, I got in some reading time at the beach drinking my favorite beverage. It was a much needed day away for us.

Breezy Point Beach is a good family beach for day trip. Of course if you want to stay longer there are campgrounds and places to hook up your RV. I think we’ll have to escape a few more times before the weather gets too cold!

Have you made it to the beach this summer?


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