A Low Key Halloween

Jaxson with a Giant Pumpkin

Wow, I can’t believe tomorrow is November. The kids are excited about Halloween, as always.  I’m excited for them. It’s such a great holiday/celebration for kids. They get to dress up in fun costumes and people give them candy–just for asking. I wonder if the rest of the world thinks this is a strange holiday.

This year has probably been the most laid back I’ve been about Halloween. In the past I’ve sewn at least one costume or component for each kid. I love sewing, but realized I haven’t touched my sewing machine in at least year. The only reason it’s not dusty is that I have a cover on it! We purchased everything new or from the thrift store.

Even though I didn’t sew any costumes this year, I channeled my former skills as a costume designer. I miss that kind of creativity. I even helped my husband with his costume for his annual work Halloween party. He dressed as the shadow spy guy from the Spy Museum logo.

I don’t have any photos of the kids in their costumes to share yet. I took some at Sophia’s fall fest with her classmates but I don’t like to share photos of her friends on the site (unless I have their parents’ permission). So you’ll just have to imagine Sophia as a sorcerer in a purple gown and black cape. Jaxson is a Jedi Knight. We bought the costume and it’s been put to good use. I think he’s worn it at least 3 or 4 times since September!

Sophia with Squash

One thing I wish we’d been able to do was carve pumpkins. It’s not too late, but jack-o-lanterns don’t seem as fun after Halloween.

Looking back at the last week or so, I realized how much our family has had this month. Even with all of my traveling. Maybe we’ve figured out our rhythm. The kids didn’t cry and get upset when I told them I had to travel for work. We’ve had family dinner as often as we could. We’ve gone apple picking together (twice). We’ve baked pies together. The kids even helped me with dinner one night.

I feel happy. We’re happy.

Happy Halloween!