7 Easy Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas

7 Easy Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas-I'm Not the Nanny

My kids have recently become obsessed with Star Wars. Which means we’ve done our duty as parents, right? My creative friend Ina added fuel to the intergalactic fire when she threw a Star Wars birthday party for her youngest son Enrique. Ina and I were pregnant with our youngest kids at about the same time. We were thrilled when Jaxson and Enrique hit it off. They’re two peas in a pod.

Mynor and Ina

Mynor and Ina

I loved all the small touches Ina added to the birthday party, that I asked her to share her inspiration for Star Wars birthday party ideas.  Creativity is in Ina’s blood. She attended art school in Norway, studied graphic design at Montgomery College in Maryland, and worked on magazines. Now, she’s balancing raising her two kids and works at her husband’s real estate firm Mynor and Associates as a photographer and an accredited home stager. She’s super talented and fun to hang out with!

Jaxson in Jedi Knight Costume-I'm Not the Nanny

Star Wars Costume: Before I tell you more about the Star Wars themed party, I had to share this photo of Jaxson. When he learned his friend was having a Star Wars birthday party, he requested a Jedi Knight costume and a lightsaber that lights up. I ordered this costume from BuyCostumes. It’s doubling as his Halloween costume too. It was too hot for a full costume so many guests wore Star Wars t-shirts.

R2D2 Goodie Bag Craft Star Wars Birthday Party-I'm Not the Nanny

Star Wars Craft Activity & Goodie Bag: Ina found most of her inspiration for the party on Pinterest. Most of us would feel overwhelmed by all the beautiful photos on Pinterest, but Ina managed to make all the Star Wars birthday party elements look simple. Her favorite were these super cute R2D2 goodie bags. She created a station with glue, markers, and paper where kids could make their own R2D2 bag to store the pinata candy.

Pink R2D2 Goodie Bag Craft Star Wars Birthday Party-I'm Not the Nanny

Sophia made her own twist on the craft and named the pink droid R2D1. I can always count on her to pinkify something. (I totally made up that word, pinkify.)

Yoda Juice Star Wars Birthday Party Idea-I'm Not the Nanny

Yoda Juice Drink: All the kids at the party loved the Yoda Juice, which consisted of green Gatorade, lemonade and lime popsicles. Ina drew a pretty darn good Yoda! The drink dispenser was set on a table low enough so kids could serve themselves.

Grapes Light Saber Snack Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas-I'm Not the Nanny

Grape Lightsaber Snack: One of my favorite Star Wars birthday party ideas were these grape lightsabers. Most birthday parties serve lots of sweets. It’s good to see a creative way to serve fruit. The ends of wooden skewers were wrapped with duct tape before adding the grapes. Kids love to food off the stick.

Light Saber Parking Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas-I'm Not the Nanny

Lightsaber Parking: Several kids brought their own lightsabers (as well as a few adults). While there wasn’t official “Lightsaber Parking,” at the party, the kids lined up these lightsabers all on their own. Hang up a a parking sign at your party to wrangle all the light sabers. Jaxson’s Luke Skywalker lightsaber is on the right.

Star Wars Birthday Cake-I'm Not the Nanny

Star Wars Birthday Cake: What’s a birthday party without a cake? Homemade cakes taste the best and Ina always decorates them to fit the them. Because I love decorating cakes, I volunteer myself to help. Lightsaber cupcake toppers held in the letters to spell out “Happy Birthday.” The letters are written on cardstock with a hole punched to slip under the cupcake toppers. If that’s too much work, there’s a Darth Vader vs. Luke Skywalker cake topper.

Star Wars Cupcakes-I'm Not the Nanny

Mini Lightsaber cupcakes: These one-bite chocolate cupcakes were brilliant. Kids who didn’t want cake or just wanted a small taste could take a mini-cupcake instead. No one noticed my bad frosting job because they were so excited by the lightsaber cupcake toppers and the star sprinkles. Most kids took home their cupcake toppers as a party favor, too. Another option to top the cupcakes could be Star Wars rings

Star Wars Birthday Party Favors-I'm Not the Nanny

Star Wars Party Favors: In addition to the candy from the Darth Vader pinata (not picture), Ina had Star Wars Pez dispensers on hand for kids who might not have grabbed candy in the pinata melee. I loved my Pez dispensers when I was a kid. Such an easy and fitting party favor!

Thank Ina for a great birthday party and for letting me share her creative Star Wars birthday party ideas!

For those of us who are strapped for time, you can pick up a Star Wars birthday party kit from Birthday in a Box. It comes with decorations, paper plates, party favors, and other themed party supplies. I bought our Pokemon birthday party supplies for last year’s party.

So who’s ready for a Star Wars party?

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