Nature Walk Discoveries (Photos)

Shadows are the park

It’s week three of my morning walks with Jaxson. Yesterday’s walk was extra awesome. There’s something about being outdoors that brings out so much joy in Jaxson. That joy is contagious. I felt carefree as I soaked in his big smile, his hugs, and his laughter.

We talk to the geese and ducks hanging out by the pond during our mile trek, but his favorite thing to do, as he puts it, is to collect nature. These nature walk discoveries never get old. So I present some nature that we “found.” (Photos taken on my Samsung Galaxy S4)

Acorns on oak tree

I can’t tell you how happy we are that it’s acorn season! Last year was disappointing for us acorn hunters. Apparently oak trees don’t produce acorns every year.

Acorn collection

We made sure to collect a lot. This year’s haul are fat and super green! The squirrels must be thrilled.

Morning mushroom (Fungi)

Jaxson’s new favorite word is fungi,  but he pronounces it “fun-guy.” We’ve seen a lot of mushrooms in the morning and he keeps yelling “Fun Guy! Fun Guy!” Cracks me up.

Have you made any nature discoveries recently?

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