My New Personal Trainer

Walking at the park-I'm Not the Nanny

My new personal trainer clocks in around 3 feet tall and is only 4 years old.

With his big sister back in school, Jaxson definitely feels the Sophia-sized hole in his day. Last week, he and I began a new routine. Right after the school bus picks up his sister, we head to our local park for a walk. Since April, I’ve been quietly making changes to my diet and ramping up my physical activity. I was more than happy to talk a walk in the crisp morning air with my little guy.

On the first day of school (for Sophia), Jaxson and I donned our sneakers, filled our water bottles, and took advantage of the early morning quiet of our favorite park. I wasn’t sure how our first morning walk would go. He seems to only have two speeds whenever we  walk around the pond full of ducks and geese: running ahead of me or stopping every few minutes to pick up “a piece of nature.”

Jaxson moves and talks non-stop from the moment he wakes up to when he finally falls asleep, surrounded by his swarm of pillows. But his sweeter side took charge our first day walking. I joked that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with him, since he’s so fast. As soon as we stepped onto the pathway, he firmly took hold of my hand and rarely let go during our 1.5 mile walk. I joked that he was my personal trainer–because he made sure I didn’t fall behind. To my surprise, he kept a brisk pace.

With a firm grasp on my hand, he took charge. He would not leave me behind.

In the midst of parenting, I forget how empathetic and sweet my kids are. Especially Jaxson who loves to play rough and is passionate about everything he talks about. That morning, I held his hand every time he slipped his smaller fingers into my adult sized palm. I never let go first. I soaked in those short thirty minutes as we strolled around the park.

My little boy was growing up but he still loved me best. Sometimes it frustrates me that he only wants his mom, but that morning I was happy to be the center of his world.

Every day I look forward to our morning walks. It’s become our special time together.

Do you go for strolls at your park?


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