5 Tricks For Sneaking In A Date (For Busy Parents)

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5 Tricks For Dates #shop #cbias #Rubi2Go

My husband and I have opposite work schedules. It is challenging to make time to just chat with each other, much less go on a date. With Jaxson in preschool in the mornings now, the Mister and I sometimes have 30-45 minutes where our time together without kids overlaps. Last week, we snuck in a quick coffee and breakfast date before he had to leave for work.

I know it’s not easy to make time for a date with your honey, but you can do if you look at dates with a different mindset. Here’s some tricks on how to sneak in a date even if you’re a busy parent.

1. Keep it simple. Gone are the days of dinner and movie every weekend. At least until my kids are older and my husband gets more weekends off.  How about a walk in the park? You can meet for lunch or sit down for coffee together. We even like to go to the thrift store together-before Macklemore made it cool. We have a good time making fun of outdated fashions and dusty childhood toys.

Coffee Date with Husband #Rubi2go #shop #cbias

Date #2 is going to be teaching my husband how to take better selfies. I guess he was just excited about our coffee date!

2. Quality over quantity. While I might not have the energy to stay up late like when we were first married, we mostly did things together and not necessarily talked to each other. I’d rather 30 minutes to talk than 30 minutes of watching a tv show (unless it’s The Big Bang Theory which we both love).

3. Lower your standards. I don’t need to have a full service sit down meal for our date. This makes it easy to plan: no reservations needed. Our local grocery store has a Rubi coffee kiosk, so we grabbed breakfast sandwiches from the deli to go with our coffee. If you’ve never tried coffee kiosk, give it a try. There was no line (like at our local coffee shop) and each cup was made fresh.

Freshly Brewed #Rubi2Go #shop

4. Make an AM date. This goes back to my sleep deprivation because I can barely stay awake during most movie nights we have unless things are blown up. I think that’s why we like our bad end-of-the-world movies. On the mornings that my husband goes into work later, we have an overlap of an hour where it’s just him and I. Most mornings, I work while our son is in preschool, but a breakfast date works perfectly for our schedule.

Breakfast with Seattles Best at #Rubi2Go #shop #cbias

5. Don’t talk about the kids. Yes, this is HARD. We talk about our kids and their schedules for 99.9% of the times my husband and I interact. It’s natural. We’re parents. We try to take the 30 minutes together to talk about our work or the latest idea I’ve dreamed up.  The adult conversation reminds me that we’re more than parents. Even if we go off track and the conversation veers into kidville, we bring it back to us.

It was so easy for us to visit the Rubi coffee kiosk for our date last week that I think we’ll try to make it weekly, depending on our work schedules, of course. I was surprised by how good the coffee was but my husband wasn’t. Ever since he worked in a Seattle’s Best Coffee shop in his old Borders Books, he’s been a fan of it. It’s a good reminder for us to buy more Seattle’s Best coffee.

Customize my coffee at Rubi Kiosk #Rubi2Go #shop

The kiosk makes each cup up to order. Fresh coffee beans are ground for each cup it brews. While our kiosk was out of the cafe style coffees like mochas and pumpkin spice latte (full menu here), I’ve had them before and they taste great without the price tag of you-know-who.  Seriously, it’s $1.50 for a small mocha an only $1 for brewed coffee. You can customize it as you. As you can see I prefer generous amounts of cream with my coffee.

You can even try Rubi for free by text offer BEAN2CUP to 727272 for a free coffee code. Our grocery store had a special where we received a code for a free coffee with the purchase of breakfast sandwich. Talk about dating on a budget! Every time I visit this particular grocery store, I treat myself to a mocha while I shop. It’s like I’m on a date with myself on those rare occasions I grocery shop alone.

Rubi Kiosk Free Coffee #Rubi2Go #shop

Make sure you sign up for the Rubi newsletter or texts because you’ll get discounts and coupon codes on top of the already great prices. Like I need an excuse to drink coffee! Thank goodness my husband likes coffee as much as I do so there will be plenty of coffee dates in our future.

How do you sneak in dates with your partner?

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