A Coffee Date With My Watercolors

As part of my nourishing self-care journey, my goal is to take time out every Friday for myself. That means I’m not allowed to work or putz around on Facebook. At least not the entire hour anyway. I skipped a Friday so I could stay home and work. I was really cranky and tired, not to mention unproductive the following week.

This past Friday, I headed to Starbucks while hubby and Jaxson went to music class. The last time I was here, I brought a book to read. That is technically work since most books I read is for my book club From Left to Write, but I love to read so it’s sort of work and play. This time, I grabbed my travel art kit and a book.

To be honest, I haven’t opened my watercolors since November. I brought them with me on the cruise but never even opened the bag. I wasn’t sure where to begin at first, so I just doodled a bit until I became comfortable. It’s like riding a bike. Drawing and painting might feel awkward after a long break, but it comes back to you.

I painted a couple of index cards while I sipped my hot coffee. While I snapped some photos of my work, I accidentally took the photo above. I call it accidental self portrait. Those lights are in the ceiling of Starbucks. And my eyebrows and the hat my sister knitted for me. It came out really cool.

Funny how creativity comes from the most unexpected places: accidents.

How did you make time for yourself this weekend?

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