2012 Rocked! Now Let’s Make 2013 Incredible!

It’s December. The last month of 2012. I’ve been looking back at all the amazing things I’ve done this year. I almost wrote “that happened to me” but that’s not really how it worked. Things just don’t fall into my lap. There’s goal setting and action steps involved. Last year was my first year using Leonie Dawson’s workbook  Goddess Guidebook (now named 2013 Creating Your Incredible Year Life+Biz Planner). I’m flipping through my 2012 book and am amazed by what I’ve accomplished.

Thanks to the workbook, I made a list of 100 Things to Do in 2012. I didn’t quite fill it up to 100, but as of today, I have 92 items on the list. 2012 isn’t over yet. I believe just writing your intention down can go a long way to help make it happen. I’ve crossed out quite a few and plan on crossing off some more before the year’s end. Soon, I get to cross out several items on this list because we’re headed the warm Caribbean on a family cruise!
I looked back on my list and saw “29. Write an ebook.” While I don’t think that I’ll be able to write one by the years end, I realized that I’m in an ebook. The BlogHer Voices of the Year: 2012 to be exact. I was doing a search on one day and noticed that I’m listed as a contributor for the ebook. You know what that means? I’m a published author. Totally freaking awesome, right? I think I can safely cross off #29.
I’m excited to plan for 2013. It will be an incredible year because I’m going to make it incredible! (Call me cheesy but a good attitude attracts great things.)
I highly recommend 2013 Creating Your Incredible Year Planner. In fact I’ve already printed out my copy. This year Leonie Dawson has created a Life Planner and a Business Planner. I think it’s important to create goals and a game plan for yourself, but I drag my feet when it comes down to it. 
The planner makes it fun to make my list of things to do. It’s exciting to fill it out with goals and action steps. One thing I love about the planner is Leonie has you reflect on 2012 and close it out, so to speak. It makes sense to finish the year mentally before moving on to the next, right?
If you want a look at Leonie’s offerings before you purchase, take a look at the free goodies she offers.
I’m taking my planner with me when I go on our cruise (#12) and will sit poolside or on the beach (#24) with a fruity cocktail. I hope you’ll grab your 2013 Creating Your Incredible Year Planner and join me. We’re going to rock 2013!
I’m an official Goddess Ambassador because I love sharing Goddess Leonie’s goodies and her workbook really does work! I’m a member of the Goddess Circle and paid for the membership myself. Links to the planner are affiliate links. All opinions are my own.