3 Things to Consider Before Adding Smart Devices to Your Home

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Things to consider before adding smart devices to your home

I’m a little behind on smart devices for my home. It feels almost like a confession to admit that, but it hasn’t been a priority for us. Life is busy, you know?

The funny thing is, I know I can make life less crazy by adding the right smart products to our home. But where to start? I thought I’d share my thought process with you.

Things to Consider Before Adding Smart Devices to Your Home

Make a dream list of your needs and wants

This might be the hardest thing to do. If I had unlimited funds and space, I’d add smart devices in my living room and kitchen. 

What cook doesn’t want a GE Profile Wall Oven that connects to Alexa, Google Home, and Nest devices? Look at this bad baby. It even has a built in air fryer. I could conquer Thanksgiving dinner with 2 ovens! 

GE Profile Wall Oven

 But is it what I really need? Not yet.

When you start your list, write down everything you want for your home: a complete wi-fi system, smart devices, doorbells that let you see who’s at the door (without getting up)–it’s your dream list. Add anything you and your family want on it.

Now sort your list into what are current must-haves versus something you can get later.

Focus on one room at a time

If you had to pick only one room to upgrade, which one would it be? Trying to overhaul the entire house is overwhelming. By choosing one room to focus on, you’ll be able to choose products that integrate well together.

For us, it’s the living room. That’s the area of our home we used most as a family. We hang out there, watch movies, and play  video games in our living room. I would definitely upgrade our home theater system. We have so many devices hooked up to our television, it’s crazy! I’d want a way to simply it.

Best Buy In-Home Consultation

I wouldn’t know where to start to find products that work well together. If you’re in the same boat, check out Best Buy’s free In-Home Consultation service. Highly trained Home Advisors come to your home, listen to your needs (see what we did in the first step?), and create a plan for you. 

You can choose from different consults: home theater, smart home, and in-home appliances (like that stove). Did I mention the consultation is free? They’ll create a personalized plan to find the right products for your home and lifestyle.

Best Buy In-Home Consultation

I love that Best Buy will even handle the delivery and installation. I know I can do it myself, but my time is valuable. Why not let someone take care of it for me?

Is your wifi set-up ready for more smart devices?

Consider upgrading both your internet connection and your in-home wifi devices.

We’re no different from other families. We put our wifi network to its limits. One streams videos while another plays video games with his online buddies. My husband has Spotify playing, and I’m trying to download audiobooks. All at the same time.

While our home isn’t huge, we do have some zones where our wifi coverage isn’t great. Adding more smart devices will strain our wifi set-up even further.

eero - Pro Mesh WiFi System

I have the Eero system on my need list. It uses TrueMesh technology make sure your WiFi is strong and reliable–no matter how many devices you use in your home. I also like how small and sleek their devices are. 

Now that I’ve made my list, I’m definitely calling Best Buy to learn about products that fit our family needs and are in budget.

What smart devices are on your must-have list?

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