Dreaming of a Smart Kitchen

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I’m an apartment dweller, but that has never stopped me from lusting after the latest smart kitchen appliances. A cook has to stay up on the newest tech so she’s ready when it’s time to assemble her dream kitchen!

Part of my quest for knowledge was checking out the LG smart kitchen appliances at Best Buy booth at Mom 2.0 Summit. I’m in love with the LG refrigerator not only for its sleek look but for its “knock-knock” feature.

The LG smart refrigerator lets you see what’s inside your fridge without opening the door. A double knock changes the door from opaque to transparent so you can see inside. Any mom whose kids have stood in front of an open fridge (letting out all the cold air!) while complaining, “There’s nothing to eat” will appreciate this feature.

That’s just one of the features that you can see. Along with this fridge, the LG range and dishwasher are wi-fi and voice enabled. Imagine being able to tell the fridge “Alexa, turn on ice plus for my party tonight.” How about checking your SmartThinQ app to see how much time is left on the oven timer without missing part of your family movie time?

LG Smart Kitchen at Mom 2.0 Summit

Better yet, if you worry that you’ve left the stove on, you can check the status of your range from the app and turn it off from there. I remember all the times when I’d buckled both kids  into their carseats and realize I might have left the stove on. It was a pain unbuckling the kids and running back into my apartment. Having a smart stove would have saved me a lot of time!

I’m adding the LG smart appliances to my dream kitchen wish list. I’d love to be able to check on dinner without stepping away from my family’s rousing game of Unstable Unicorns or Monopoly!

LG Smart Kitchen

You can add these appliances to your kitchen and take advantage of Best Buy’s summer kitchen bundle offer: Purchase a 4-piece Kitchen Bundle and receive up to $400 INSTANT rebate. LG and LG Studio models are eligible for this offer.

Learn more about LG smart appliances at Best Buy.

Would you want a smart kitchen?

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