Why Our Family Loves Gaming

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Mother Son Gaming Time

This school year has been full of big changes for our family. Sophia began middle school, which means her younger brother feels left behind in many ways. The two of them are close, but I definitely notice it’s been hard for him to understand (and deal with) the fact that his big sister needs time to herself.

So how do I honor my daughter’s need for independence and my son’s desire to spend time with his sibling?

We’re trying harder to do fun things together as a family. Not like watching a movie together, but activities where we can be present and interact with each other. Like gaming!

Both of our kids love to play video games of all kinds. They have handheld consoles, the ones that hook up to our television, and games on the computer. Most of the time they play on their own and rarely interact with each other. Or my son plays games with my husband. I realized that I’m usually staring at my smartphone.

So at least once a month, we play a game (or two) together. Sometimes we dance together, play a racing game, or try a new game on our PC. It doesn’t matter what we play, as long as the game allows us to play against each other or as a team. This way we can work together to solve a puzzle, or trash talk our way around a race course.

We recently added Super Lucky’s Tale to our video game collection. It’s a combination adventure and platformer (run, jump, and collect things). This adorable game is for all age and skill levels (rated E for everyone). Thank goodness, because I’m not very good at platformer games.  Plus, look how cute the animation is:


I’m a sucker for cute games. Not only does it look cute, it’s fun to play. I knew the kids would enjoy it, but I’m enjoying the mini-games within the game.

Super Lucky’s Tale is available on Xbox Once or on your Windows 10 computer. We don’t have an Xbox, but if we did, we could easily switch from one device to another without losing our progress. At $29.99, the game won’t break the bank either.

Even though we’ve only begun playing Super Lucky’s Tale, I look forward to our family gathering around our computer. We can cheer who is currently controlling Lucky and put our brains together to help guide us through the game.

Playing Super Lucky's Tale

Our time gaming together has given everyone a chance reconnect while playing a game together. Yes, I’ll still hear my daughter whine at her brother to “Leave me alone,” and my son say, “I’m bored.” But not when we’re gaming as a family.

What are your favorite ways to spend time together as a family?

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