8 Gifts For Creating Fun Family Moments

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Fun Family time

We’ve survived our first semester of middle school. Rather, my daughter as she’s the one doing the work. Now that her daily schedule is different than her younger brother, I realize that we have less time where the majority of the family is home at the same time.

I know that’s the norm for most families. We’re all super busy, but it doesn’t mean we should let quality family time slip away. We’ve decided that to have at least one family fun day (or night) each month. It could be playing a board game, going ice skating, or baking as a family. Whatever it is, we’re going to avoid our screens as much as we can! (Except to take photos!)

So how can we create fun family moments? With a little bit of help, of course. Here are some things that are on our family wish list so we can have more family fun days!

Gifts For Creating Family Fun Days

Exploding Kittens Card Game

We love board games, but sometimes they take too long to play (I’m looking at you Monopoly). Last summer when we were stuck at the New Orleans airport due to flight delays, a mother and son invited us to play Exploding Kittens Card Game, created by cartoonist The Oatmeal. They had a blast with the irreverent and hilarious cards. Our travel delay didn’t feel as torturous as it could have been. Time to add it to our family collection. (For those with older kids, there’s a NSFW version)

Sushi Go Party

Sushi Go Party! card game has been recommended by friends. I’m already attracted to the adorable cartoon sushi characters! Game play takes about 30 minutes as you compete to build the best sushi party platter possible. Warning: you’ll want to order sushi before you play, because this game will make you hungry!

Harry Potter Clue

Of course we have to play board games. I think it’s time to introduce our kids to Clue, one of my favorite board games ever! Did you know there are pop culture versions of Clue, including Harry Potter, Zelda, Game of Thrones, Dr. Who, and The Big Bang Theory? See the list here.

Monopoly Pokemon

Monopoly Pokemon gets plenty of play time in our home. It probably helps that both kids are huge Pokemon fans. Warning: this game takes at least a couple of hours to play, so stock up on snacks!

Art Party Kit

How about having a family painting night? Adults can have their wine and kids can drink sparkling juice! I have a huge stash of art supplies, but if you don’t, try this Art Party Kit. It includes enough art supplies for five people!

Nothing is more rewarding than cooking or baking together? Try any of the recipes on my blog or subcribe to Panna for video recipes from your favorite celebrity chef.

Artisan Candy Making Kit

Or you can try your hand at making candy with an Artisan Candy Making Kit from Grow and Make. We made fresh mozzarella using their kit last year and it was delicious!

HP Sprocket 2-in-1

We plan on saving those memories by making a scrapbook together. However, I know if I don’t do it right away, it won’t get done. I’m excited that  MomSelect and HP sent me a HP Sprocket 2-in-1 to review! It’s a camera and instant photo printer in one small device. It also connects to your smartphone via bluetooth so you can print photos right on your smartphone or directly from social media by using their app. The photo paper is actually a sticker, so making scrapbooks is as easy as peel and stick. Talk about instant gratification!

I’m old enough to remember using instant cameras in my childhood. The HP Sprocket 2-in-1 is much more versatile. Because I can print directly from my smartphone (where I take most of our family pis) and the photos take less than 20 seconds to print–we’ll definitely end up printing more of our fun family moments.

What are your family’s favorite ways to spend time together?