3 Ways to Keep Your Hands on the Wheel and Not Your Phone

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Smartphone inside purse

Some of my bad habits include biting my nails, staying up too late, and looking at my phone while I’m driving. Trying to quit these habits has been a roller coaster ride. I go through phases where I can grow out my nails long enough to get a manicure. Or when I wake up refreshed in the mornings, I ask myself why I don’t go to bed early every night.

The one habit I can’t afford to keep is distracted driving. I love our smartphone because it can do just about everything. Unfortunately, I do text at stop lights, ask my phone about the weather while driving, and–I won’t incriminate myself any further, but you get it. I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

Distracted driving is never ok, which is why I’m pledging to keep my hands on the steering wheel instead of my phone.  I want to be a better example for my kids. In just four short years, my oldest will get her learner’s permit. Yikes! If I can’t make good decisions while driving, how can I expect her to when it’s her turn at the wheel?

20 Million Pledges for #ItCanWait

I’m taking the AT&T It Can Wait Pledge for me and for my family. Will you join me and take the pledge, too? This month, the initiative is on track to hit 20 million pledges! In honor of this milestone, AT&T is donating $20,000 to Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)! My tween is one of the many reasons I’m taking the #ItCanWait pledge, and I’m glad that AT&T is supporting SADD.

3 Ways To Keep Your Hands on the Wheel and Not Your Phone

It’s easy to click “I Pledge” on the It Can Wait site, but what can I do to stay away from my smartphone while I’m driving? Here are some ways I plan to keep my hands on the wheel:

1. Remove the temptation: As much as I’m attached to my phone, I can survive if I don’t look at it for 20-30 minutes. I will either put my phone inside my purse (not just an outside pocket), put it my glove box, or hand it to my kids (who are in the backseat). If a text cannot wait, I ask one of my kids to send it for me. Usually, the texts can wait.

2. Listen to an audiobook or music you can sing along with: Most of my reading is done via audiobooks. I stream the book to my car’s speakers via a Bluetooth adapter so I don’t have to touch my phone. Just listen and enjoy my book. Or, I’ll play my favorite Broadway musical about our founding fathers and attempt to rap along with it. I’m having fun and won’t be as tempted to look at my phone.

AT&T DriveMode App

3. Download AT&T DriveMode to your phone: This free app, in iTunes App Store and Google Play, automatically turns on when your speed reaches 15 MPH and deactivates 2-3 minutes after your speed drops below 15 MPH. It silences incoming calls and alerts so you’re not even tempted to look at your phone! AT&T DriveMode is available to everyone, even if you’re not an AT&T customer. Safe driving is for everyone!

Take the It Can Wait Pledge with Me

I hope you’ll take the pledge with me and download the AT&T DriveMode app. While putting your phone away is the simplest solution, I know I will be tempted. Bad habits are hard to break, so why not use an app that will keep your smartphone from distracting you?

You can also join the celebration of 20 Million Pledges reached by joining the #ItCanWait conversation on Twitter. Upload a photo or video and share why you pledged, what the campaign means to you, or why it’s important to stop distracted driving.

To learn more, visit It Can Wait and follow @ItCanWait on Twitter.

How do you keep yourself from looking at your phone while driving?

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