Friday Faves

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Friday Faves

Welcome to Friday Faves, a new feature on the site. Sometimes I have the opportunity to try out new products or experiences, and, for whatever reason, I’m not able to dedicate an entire blog post about it. Or I’ve discovered something new that I just love.

Today’s Friday Faves feature favorite items from different members of the family.

Contigo autoseal travel mug

Contigo Autoseal Travel Mug: My husband needed travel mug that won’t leak in his backpack. We already love Contigo water bottles (see pic below), so I decided to give their travel mugs a try. They are pricier than other travel mugs, but worth the cost. The travel mug has a lock to keep it from accidentally opening plus the base is normal size–so it fits in my car’s cup holder. It’s insulated so my coffee stays hot past lunch time, and my iced coffee still has ice cubes in it hours later. Bonus: the cap easily disassembles for easy cleaning.

Go Umami Baked Tofu Snacks

Go Umami baked tofu bars: If you’re a tofu lover and want a portable snack, I recommend Go Umami. I was sent samples of all three flavors: hickory smoked, savory, and orange teriyaki. I liked the savory the best while the kids preferred orange teriyaki. The only downside is that they have to be refrigerated so you can’t just toss it into your bag. It’s definitely perfect for tucking into your lunch bag (with ice pack) for an afternoon snack.

Fossil Smartwatch

Fossil Q Wander Smartwatch (Gen 2): I treated myself to this gorgeous rose gold smartwatch earlier this summer. I’ve been eyeballing an Android Wear smartwatch for a while and I got this one for a great price. In general, I don’t have a lot of push notifications on my phone so I’m probably not using the watch to its abilities. It has helped me be more productive because I’m not constantly checking my phone for the time and end up getting sucked into social media. I like being able to send texts directly from my watch (thought Google’s voice recognition needs a little work). I can also change up the faces to match my outfits. For close to the price of a high end FitBit, this watch does more!

Monster Hunter Stories for 3DS

Monster Hunter Stories (Nintendo 3DS): The kids have been obsessed with this role-playing adventure game. My daughter loves collecting eggs and hatching monsters like dragons, velociraptors, and other exotic creatures. My son prefers the battles, which involve a game of rock, paper, scissors. (Product provided by Nintendo)

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions (Nintendo 3DS): As many video games as my son plays, he always returns to Nintendo’s Mario & Luigi games. This new game is a combination of platformer, adventure, and puzzle solving. My son has been talking nonstop about it and even showed me some cool moves in the game. (Product provided by Nintendo)


Moana’s “How Far I’ll Go” Mash-up video: I went down the YouTube rabbit hole yesterday and discovered Moana songs in Vietnamese. This video of “How Far I’ll Go” is a mash-up of several Southeast Asian languages, including Vietnamese. Isn’t it beautiful?

What are your current Friday Faves?

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