Fifteen: The Gift of Laughter

Wedding Day 2002

Fifteen years is a big milestone in any relationship.

It should feel momentous after all the obstacles that were in our way. The days when we were young and newly engaged. When my parents refused to speak to me because I fell in love with a black man. I thought those years were hard. But somehow we survived.

Spousie with purple shirt and re dress

Learning how to love each other and a baby was even harder. We were responsible for another human being! Somehow we figured things out and even had another child. They are still alive. Whew!

Bubble tea kiss spousie

Fifteen years after speaking our vows in a gazebo off of Lake Onondaga, both of us have evolved. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my husband. Change isn’t bad. We grow together to make each other a better version of our former selves.

Laughing spousie

What hasn’t changed is that he can always make me laugh. And I, him. Laughter eases away the hard times and reminds us that the next fifteen years may be hard, but we’re a team. Whatever happens, we will find ways to laugh together.

Happy 15th, my love.


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