Remember to Celebrate the Small Victories

Train speeding on tracks

Right now I feel like The Little Engine That Could.

I’m so focused on pushing forward that I haven’t taken the time to slow down. I’m afraid if I stop, I’ll slide down the hill and fall into a my overflowing to-do lists, dirty dishes, and empty coffee cups. The path to success and progress is never glamorous.

We’re only a week into November, but my to-do list has devolved into scribbled tasks that are covered with sticky notes that are–you guessed it–scribbled with more tasks. This time of the year is busy for many of us. We’re working our butts off so we can take a break at the end of the year.

I’ve learned the hard way to take care of myself so I don’t burn out or get sick. (Hello late winter flu of 2016.) I twisted my ankle last week and have begrudgingly stayed off of it as much as I could. I try not to consume more than 2 (or 3) cups of coffee a day and switch to coffee. I unplug from work on Saturdays.

Fresh Zinnia Flowers

One thing I have not done is celebrated my victories. Wins are wins, no matter how small (sounds like a Dr. Seuss quote).  My husband and friends remind me that I don’t give myself enough credit for my successes. They’re right. I need to stop and smell the flowers.

This week, I’m taking the time to do celebrate all my wins from 2016 (so far). I’m using Amber McCue’s Fresh Start Workbook to guide me through the process (that’s an affiliate link). Why a workbook? I tend to gloss over my accomplishments because they never feel big enough.

Fresh Start Workbook

The first thing that the Fresh Start Workbook walks you through is celebrating 2016. It’s an important step many of us miss when we start planning for the new year. Here’s what I’m celebrating so far:

  • I celebrated the 1 year anniversary of my subscription box business Bawdy Bookworms
  • I started working as the Program Manager of We Need Diverse Books
  • I make time to watch fun tv shows with my husband almost every night
  • I’m juggling several different things and haven’t gone crazy yet (ha!)

After I go through this section of the workbook, I’m working on my word-of-the-year.

What about you? Have you stopped to celebrate your big and small victories from this year?

Need a push to celebrate 2016 and plan for a kick butt 2017? Grab your digital copy of the Fresh Start Workbook. I’m an affiliate for Amber McCue’s program because I’ve used her workbook and am in her mastermind group. She knows what she’s talking about and she truly cares about our success.


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