5 Reasons You Should See Moana in Dolby Cinema at AMC

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Family at Moana Dolby

Our family was excited to see Disney’s Moana for the second time (and sing along because we’ve had the soundtrack for a week) yesterday. However, we were absolutely floored by our very first Dolby Cinema at AMC experience.  You have to experience it for yourself!

AMC Loews in Georgetown

Even after reading about the motion seats, Dolby sound and Dolby Vision, I wasn’t sure what the full effect would be like. While we normally see movies closer to home, it was worth the drive to AMC Loews Georgetown in DC to see Moana. Make sure you head out this week because you can only view Moana in Dolby Cinema at AMC for one week. Find your local Dolby Cinema at AMC here.

5 Reasons You Should See Moana in Dolby Cinema at AMC

Disney Moana poster

Seeing a movie in a Dolby Cinema at AMC has ruined me for our usual movie theatre experience. Here’s why:

1. Moana’s Pacific islands are more vivid. Being able to see the movie twice in different theaters helped me compare how beautiful the Dolby imaging was. I noticed colors I didn’t even glance at during my first screening of Moana. The red flowers popped against the lush greenery. The ocean was the same deep blue I saw on our trip to the Caribbean. Beautiful.

Lounging in Recliner Seats at Dolby Cinema at AMC

2. Customizable recliner seats with plenty of room to snuggle.  My husband and son were able to lift up the middle armrest and snuggle during the movie. Each plush, roomy seat has its own recliner controls so no fighting over how far back to lean your chair or how high to raise the leg rests.  There’s also built-in cup holders for easy access.

3. Motion sensors that pulsate with the movie’s action heightened our movie experience. My 7-year-old was worried that the rumbling would be too much for him. In Moana, the pulses and rumbling were just enough to enhance the movie without being too distracting. He thought it was awesome!

Tip: Before the movie starts, there’s a short video that highlights all the Dolby Cinema effects. Those pulsating actions were much stronger than what we experienced in Moana. This might be too intense for younger kids, but my youngest loved the seat motion in Moana.

Stadium Seating in Dolby Cinema

4. Moving audio makes takes you inside the move. Dolby Cinema has speakers all around the theatre (see the red circles in the photo above). It really feels like we’re surrounded by ocean waves as Moana and Maui travel across the horizon.

5. The finale is mind blowing in Dolby Vision. I won’t give away any spoilers, but the final transformation of (spoiler) is gorgeous. I could see every single detail and every movement. Add the pulsating seats and the moving audio. I won’t forget that moment of the movie.

Final Thoughts

Moana in Dolby Cinema at AMC

Like I said before, we’re totally ruined for the “normal” movie experience.  The kids are still talking about the seats and how the chairs moved with the action in Moana. If you have a Dolby Cinema at AMC near you, I highly recommend seeing it.

Star Wars Rogue One Dolby Cinema Display

In fact, we’re already planning our next visit to Dolby Cinema at AMC: Star Wars Rogue One. Just in time for my husband’s birthday!

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Have you ever seen a movie in Dolby Cinema at AMC? What did you think?