How to Make Anita Lo’s BBQ Spare Ribs (with help from Panna)

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Anita Lo BBQ Spare Ribs with sauce. Recipe from Panna

My mom didn’t teach me how to cook until I became an adult. I begged for her to let me help her in the kitchen so I could learn her recipes. She usually shooed me away because it was easier for her to cook it herself. When I moved out for college and discovered cable television, I learned how to cook by watching cooking shows. There was one particular show that incorporated science and cooking–I loved it.

Then food television changed and became mostly reality shows and competitions. I missed my cooking school. When Panna asked me to try out their cooking how-tos for the home cook, I jumped at the opportunity. Even though I cook often and experiment, I can always learn more. Read on for my review of Panna.

I was impressed by Panna’s extensive step-by-step video library of recipes. There’s a huge range of recipes from well expert chefs like Charles Phan (Vietnamese), Alon Shaya (Israeli), Dorie Greenspan (baking), and Anita Lo (Asian). I’m a huge fan of Anita Lo–she was totally robbed from her Top Chef win–so I decided to try her recipe for BBQ spare ribs.

Psst: A full year of Panna is only $19.99! That’s less than my yearly Netflix fee. If you’re not ready to commit, sign up for a 30-day free trial. (You’ll need to enter a credit card number, but if it’s not for you, cancel before the end of your trial to avoid charges)

Anita Lo’s BBQ Spare Ribs

Each Panna recipe is comprised of the step-by-step video with clear written ingredient list and instructions below. I also liked that she shares why she loves her mother’s BBQ spare ribs so much.

Anita Lo BBQ Spare Ribs Ingredients

I chose this recipe because it requires 5 ingredients. The holiday season is busy for us. I wanted something that was easy to prep and make.

Watching Anita Lo on Panna Cooking

Also, the entire lesson is only 10 minutes long. If I had watched the entire video before starting, I wouldn’t have missed Anita’s tip: season your rack of ribs with salt and pepper before cutting them into individual ribs. It’s easier to season when it’s one big piece than flipping over a bunch of separated ribs.

Anita Lo seasoning rack of ribs

Tip: Always read (or watch) recipe ingredients and instructions all the way through before starting. This helps you prep and know what to expect next. (Don’t be like me)

Do you see how there’s numbers underneath the video (in the screenshot above)? The number corresponds to the step # in the written instructions below. So if you need to rewatch a step, just click or tap on that number.

Anita Lo BBQ Ribs Out of the Oven

After realizing my misstep and flipping various individual ribs to season, I dutifully followed the rest of Anita’s instructions. I was rewarded with this beautiful platter of tender spare ribs with a rich, sweet-tangy BBQ sauce.

Why you should try Panna

Anita Lo BBQ Spare Ribs

Here’s what I liked about Panna:

  • Easy to follow instructional videos you can watch from your desktop or mobile device
  • Recipes created by chefs who are experts in their cuisine
  • Variety of cuisines to choose from–you won’t get bored
  • A good mix of beginner and intermediate recipes
  • Flavorful recipes that I’d actually make at home

If you’re still learning techniques, there’s even a section of expert tips with a video to illustrate how to cut ginger, testing oil temp without a thermometer, or how to make a gumbo roux. I need to watch the one on poaching eggs because I’m terrible at it.

For our next recipe from Panna, I’ll let the kids pick it out so we can make it together.

Want to try Panna? A one year subscription year of Panna is only $19.99! That’s less than my yearly Netflix fee. If you’re not ready to commit, sign up for a 30-day free trial and test out a few recipes yourself! Don’t forget to try Anita Lo’s BBQ Spare Ribs.

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