Our Cats Have Paparazzo


My kids have been a little obsessed with cat pictures.  They’ve become Max and Pixie’s paparazzo.

Their interested in cat photography was bound to happen. Sophia and Jaxson watch me take photos of my food and the cats. After learning that a friend’s kids had created Instagram accounts for their dog Oliver and their 3 chickens, my kids wanted in. They demanded that our cats start their own Instagram accounts.

We haven’t come up with a name for the cats’ joint Instagram account yet. In the mean time, Sophia and Jaxson have been taking lots of cat pictures. A

Close up photo of Max the cat taken by Sophia

I gave them a few tips and let them go, cell phones in hand. Sophia changed her perspective by laying on the ground. I’m not sure Max is too pleased about it.

Jaxson's photo of Pixie the cat

Jaxson’s method is take a ton of pictures and hope one comes out. He managed to get the above shot of Pixie.

I think they’re on their way to making our cats internet famous. Now we just need a name for their Instagram account.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Lisa Frame October 2, 2016