Searching For My Word of the Year

2016 Leonie Dawson WorkbooksChoosing my word for 2016 has been difficult.

I feel behind. Only this morning did I choose the single word that sets my intention for 2016. I’ve had a tough time slowing down and looking inward. I kept myself busy in December so I didn’t have to. It too was easy. I lost myself in work, the kids’ school activities, and holiday preparations.

I’ll search for my word during winter break, I told myself. I didn’t. Instead I vegged on the couch with video games, watching movies with my family, reading to the kids, and sleeping in. I don’t regret any of it. I needed the mental rest. I worked a little bit last week, but I wasn’t glued to my desk.

This morning the kids returned to school (they were ready). My husband off to work after a 3-day weekend. All was quiet in our home. I made myself a rather large cup of coffee, gathered my printout of Leonie Dawson’s Shining Year workbooks, and dove in.

Her workbooks were just what I needed to gently guide me through this year’s intention. After searching through an online thesaurus, one word kept calling me: EXECUTE.

My 2016 Word of the Year

Choosing an action verb is a must for me when picking my word. I want something that will propel me into getting something done. To move and not just feel.

Execute as in completing or finishing. As a creative person, my brain is full of new ideas and projects. Part of the allure is the challenge of tackling something new. I don’t always finish my projects or I become distracted by another. My biggest obstacle is fear of failure. That’s what holds me back.

This year, my intention is follow through on my projects and execute them. I will to release them to the world.

I’m slowly working through my Shining Year workbooks. This week, I’ll fill out the pages as I sip my morning cup of coffee. A meditation of sorts. Now that I’ve set my intention for the year, it’s time to create a game plan.

Leonie Dawson Shining Year Workbooks 2016

There’s no point on setting a goal if I don’t create a plan to achieve it. That’s why I’m using Leonie’s Shining Biz workbook to help me figure out my financial goals, creative goals, and creating systems to run my business smoothly. Of course I can’t forget to fill out my 100 Things to Do in 2016 list in my Shining Life workbook.

If you’ve never tried Leonie Dawson’s workbooks, I highly recommend them. She gently guides you through setting intentions, goals, and a gameplan for different facets of your life or business. It’s the perfect mix of hand holding and getting down to business. I have the digital versions of the workbooks and print out the pages as needed. You can fill them out directly on your computer or mobile device. The digital versions are very affordable, especially if you purchase a bundle. If you’re a paper person like me, you can also purchase the gorgeous printed versions of the workbook plus a gorgeous planner.

Have you chosen your word of the year?

This post contains affiliate links. I’ve been a member of Leonie Dawson’s Shining Biz & Life Academy for many years and love it. I use many of her products. 

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