Visual Notes: Thinking in Words & Pictures

Certified Angus Beef Visual Notes via I'm Not the Nanny

I’ve always been a visual note taker, meaning I jot down words and draw pictures. Visual note taking is my preferred way of jotting down ideas and notes but time doesn’t always allow. Until this weekend, I didn’t realize that most people don’t think in words and pictures the way I do.

This weekend during my trip to Certified Angus Beef Education and Culinary Center, I took visual notes. My fellow bloggers and the Certified Angus Beef team were intrigued. (A more detailed post about my amazing trip soon!) Here was part of my notes from our “Seasonings and Marinades” session:

Cow marinating visual note via I'm Not the Nanny

Get it? It’s a cow taking a bath. In a marinade. Wah-wah. My brain works in crazy ways.

I dug through some old journals to share other visual notes I’ve taken at conferences, talks, and classes.

Mata Hari Visual Notes via I'm Not the Nanny

I went to a book reading/discussion on Femme Fatale: Love, Lies, and the Unknown Life of Mata Hari (affiliate link). Hearing how she commanded the attention of everyone in the room inspired this. Was she really a spy? Read the book and find out.

Food Photography Visual Notes via I'm Not the Nanny

I can’t remember where I took this class on food photography. I think it was with Diane and Todd of White On Rice Couple at Evo Conference. Their philosophy of telling a story with your food resonated with me, and the poached egg, apparently.

Giselle Shepatin Visual Notes via I'm Not the Nanny

I’m not sure where I first learned of fashion designer Giselle Shepatin, but she inspired me to sketch a few designs of my own.

BlogHer 2012 Visual Notes via I'm Not the Nanny

Last but not least is this gem I found from BlogHer 2012. I can’t remember what session I was in, but I remember these fried raviolis. They tasted so-so but made for a great sketch.

Digging through my journals made me miss drawing. I think I need to get back to sketching again.

Do you take visual notes?



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