How To Have A Mind Blowing Date Night In

How to have a mind blowing, sexy date night in via I'm Not the Nanny #FeelTheLove #CG

My idea of a perfect date night has changed since I’ve become a mom. Instead of going out, we stay in.

Our date night in is usually some form of Netflix and chill. I mean literally, not as in the euphemism for pretending to watch movies and getting freaky on the couch. Back in my college days, we called that “Blockbuster and chill.” Bonus if we could find a super steamy film that wasn’t from the foreign section. Thankfully, movie options are much sexier these days. Have you seen The Tudors or Jessica Jones?

I love a date night in with my husband. We don’t have to pay for a sitter and can just relax after a long week. Just because we’re staying in for our date doesn’ mean it can’t be a special event. To keep the fires stoked in the bedroom (or couch, no judgement here), we make a few changes to our movie on the couch routine. You’ll be surprised how little effort it takes to turn a simple date night in into a mind blowing romp between the sheets. After the kids are asleep, of course.


How to Have a Mind Blowing Date Night In

Choose a steamy movie ahead of time. I can’t even tell you the wasted hours my husband and I have spent scrolling through movie lists on our streaming service, trying to find one we both like. By the time we decide on something, I’m ready for bed. Movies are preferable to a tv show since they actually end. You don’t want to end up binge watching something and forget to get freaky with your partner.

Super hot movies: Sex & Lucia, Beyond the Lights, Unfaithful and The Thomas Crown Affair

Start foreplay early. I don’t mean kissing and touching. Not yet. Our brain is our biggest sexual organ. Text naughty messages to your husband throughout the day. Send links of steamy scenes from the movie you chose for date night. Tell him what color your underwear is.

Note: I would recommend embellishing the undies part, even if you’re just hanging out at home in your yoga pants and granny panties. Trust me, he won’t mind if you lie about this.

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Slip into something comfortable and sexy. That means no flannel pajamas or super XXXL t-shirts with holes in them. Dust off that negligee or satin nightgown. Worried about your lumps and bumps? Trust me, your guy will see you for the sexy voluptuous woman you are. Put on your favorite red lipstick too! Encourage him to slip into something nicer, like silk pajamas or boxers.

Pour a glass of wine. In a real wine glass, not just whatever happens to be clean. Or a cocktail. Whatever makes you feel more adult and less like a parent. A glass of wine  during date night in helps me relax and let the day’s stress slip away.

Snuggle under a blanket. Obviously, things might get a bit chilly when you’re wearing skimpy clothes. Grab a soft blanket big enough for two (not at Snuggie). We all know how some body parts can, ahem, shrink when they’re cold. That’s the exact opposite of what we want.

Don’t watch the entire movie. Don’t forget the purpose of date night in. Choose a movie you’ve already seen. Even better, use the first naughty scene to reenact your own version, right under that blanket.

How to have a mind blowing, sexy date night in via I'm Not the Nanny #FeelTheLove #CG

Add a buzzy surprise. Routine is comfortable, but buzzy surprises are WHOA.  They can amp up foreplay and make you go from zero to oh la la fast. It’s tough for us women to get in the mood sometimes.  Especially moms.  Our brains are always thinking or worrying about something. If our brains can’t relax, we can’t get in the mood (see #2).

Introducing a “helper” in the bedroom can be tricky, so I recommend a small, discreet one like Fiera. Designed just for a woman’s most sensitive zone, it warms us up and gets the blood moving. It feels good too. That’s the point right? Because it’s not shaped like a male body part, your guy won’t feel put out.

How to have a mind blowing, sexy date night in via I'm Not the Nanny #FeelTheLove #CG

Fiera is perfect for foreplay. Not only does massage and vibrate on the clitoris to wake things up downstairs, it’s hands free! Which means you can touch and rub your guy while Fiera does its magic. Using Fiera to amp up your arousal will take some pressure off your guy and allows him to pay attention to other parts of your body. For more details, visit the Fiera website.

You’ll be surprised how spending a little more time during foreplay can give you mind blowing orgasms. You might even see fireworks. Maybe not literally, but you get the idea.

Now go forth and plan that super hot date night in. I dare you.

What tips do you have for a super sexy date night in? Share in the comments!

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