My Everyday Is An Adventure Style + $99 prAna Giveaway! #JustBeYou

As a Stonyfield Clean Plate Club member, I received a prAna sweater and Stonyfield coupons for this story. Keep reading to see how you can win organic clothing from prAna!

prAna Georgia Wrap XL plus size


Every day is an adventure when you’re a work-at-home mom. No, my days aren’t the heart-pounding, adrenaline rush ones. The adventure is my schedule is never the same day to day.

Take today for example. My flight back home landed at 7AM. My family met me at the airport because it’s Sophia’s 10th birthday. I wanted to hug and kiss my newly minted 10 year old before she went off to school. We drove straight from the airport to the kids’ schools. I dropped my husband off at the train station so he could go to work. After driving home, I watched the finale of The British Baking Show (tough life) and checked some emails. Then I searched my local grocery store for nut-free and dairy-free birthday treats to bring to Sophia’s class.

When life hands you a fork, you eat Oh My Yog

I made it to her school just 10 minutes before they headed to lunch. Which meant I had a few minutes to scarf down an Oh My Yog! for lunch. The trouble was, the only utensil I had in the car was a fork. Ladies and gentleman, I ate my yogurt with a fork. It was either that or a plastic knife. When life hands you a fork, you eat yogurt! If you haven’t tried Stonyfield’s Oh My Yog! yet, you’re missing out. It’s super creamy with just the right hint of sweetness.

Today is busier than most of my weekdays, but my style remains the same. I treat everyday as an adventure. I never know what might pop up, but I make sure to dress in stylish and comfy clothes.

A quick Stonyfield lunch in car

I’m totally in love with my new prAna Georgia Wrap, which is part of their organic cotton collection. It’s versatile and helps me navigate my everyday adventures, yogurt fork and all. The wrap is also super soft and cozy.

The wrap is perfect for fall layering. I wore it on my flight this morning. I always get cold when I fly. The wrap is thin enough that I can roll it up and stick into my bag without taking up too much room. It’s my go-to wrap and can go with me, no matter what my adventure is that day.

I love clothes that allow me express who I am.  The prAna Georgia Wrap lets me just be me, no matter my mood or adventure. As a plus-size, I was pleasantly surprised by the wrap’s fit. According to the size chart, the  XL is a size 14/16. I’m closer to a 16/18 and the sweater fit very comfortably. Many of their tops are available in XL (yay!).

Plus Size Fashion prAna Sweater

Want to try praAna’s organic cotton line? Use code JBYF15INTN to save 15% off at prAna. Not valid for those who are already signed up and active in the prAna influencer program: nor on Gift Certificates or with any other offers. Valid Nov 1 – Dec 15, 2015

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