Gifts That Keep on Giving (Knowledge) #STEMchat

I am compensated for my participation in November #STEMchat with Maker Mom and ThinkFun. Spoiler alert:  Our family are huge fans of ThinkFun games. This post contains affiliate links.

ThinkFun #STEMchat

It’s really not to early to discuss holiday gifts. I know. I know. BUT we’re talking about gifts aren’t just fun, but gift our family with knowledge. We’re talking about educational games that your kids will love, including board games from our chat sponsor ThinkFun.

Join me tonight on Twitter with the hashtag #STEMchat at 9PM Eastern to discuss STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) toys of past and present. You’ll have the chance to win some awesome prizes from ThinkFun. We’re fans of Laser Maze, Rush Hour Jr, and Robot Turtles.

We’ll chat about STEM gifts of holidays past (remember that first chemistry kit?) as well as present presents, how to balance kids’ wants with your budget, and share tips for stuffing their stockings with STEM goodness.

#STEMchat will take place on Thursday, 11/12, from 9 – 10 PM Eastern.

Laser Maze Jr. by ThinkFun

Meet our panel of trend-spotting moms who know what’s hot and place a high value on learning while having fun. Or is it having fun while learning?

@ThinkFun, our sponsor, creators of addictively fun games that sharpen minds.

@SelfishMom Amy Oztan, has been called one of the funniest moms of Twitter and one of the most powerful social media moms around. She shares her thoughts, recipes and product reviews on her blog, Selfish Mom and you can enjoy her astute, witty commentary of the Parenting Bytes podcast.

@TeachMama  Amy Mascott is a teacher, mother, dreamer and expert finder of four-leaf clovers. She blogs at Teach Mama and is the author of the new book, Raising a Rock-Star Reader.

@ThienKim Thien-Kim Lam, is a mother, writer, coffee addict, foodie, and book lover. She shares recipes, multicultural resources and family fun at her blog, I’m Not the Nanny.

@Venspired Krissy Venosdale is a long-time teacher and lifelong learner. She’s currently the Innovation Coordinator at Kinkaid Lower School and we all wish we could hang out in her classroom. The more accessible option, though, is to read her blog, Venspired.

And me, @KimMoldofsky, also known as The Maker Mom and founder of #STEMchat. Occasionally tweeting from @TheMakerMom and @STEMchat.


Spread the news to your STEM-loving friends and colleagues. Share the #STEMchat joy with these sample tweets!

*Join in #STEMchat on Twitter 11/12 at 9 PM Eastern with great prizes + STEM gift ideas from @ThinkFun

*Talk “Gifts that keep on giving” + win great prizes from @ThinkFun at #STEMchat on Twitter 11/12 at 9 PM Eastern

*Join me for #STEMchat with @KimMoldofsky and @ThinkFun on Twitter 11/12 at 9 PM Eastern!

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