Autumn Gives Good Leaf

Red Mottled leaf at park
Fall is my favorite season. The cool crisp air, my red pleather jacket, and all the gorgeous leaves. Growing up in Louisiana didn’t give us picturesque red, yellow, and orange leaves.

Nature’s beauty astounds me daily this time of the year and I try my best to capture photos. Our autumn weather is unseasonably warm this week so why not share some recent leaf porn photos?

Sipping tea from my desk

This is the view from my home office. I have a front row seat everyday as the leaves on this tree change. I can’t complain about that.

Fall tree in front of my apartment

Here’s a closer look (from outside).

Flinchbaugh's Farm Apricot Orchard

My favorite so far is this apricot orchard at Flinchbaugh’s Orchard & Farm in York, PA. Our family had a behind the scenes tour over the weekend. Aw, the farm is gorgeous. I’ll share more about our visit later this week.

Do the leaves change where you live? Share photos!