Too Many Apples–Must Bake More Pies

Apple Picking Family Selfie

We made our annual trek to Larriland Farms a couple of weeks ago and came home with almost 50 pounds of apples. That’s more than we’d planned on picking. But those Mutsu apples were huge and plentiful. The kids couldn’t stop picking them!

Apple Varieties at Larriland

Usually we visit later in the season so we can stock up on Granny Smiths. Our weekends have been jammed packed, so we squeezed in this trip. I’m glad we went, even if the broccoli fields were closed. Just another reason to go back, right?

We hit the farm post-lunch and most of the trees were pretty picked over. Except for the Mutsus. We did manage to pick a few Suncrisps for baking.

Jaxson & Dad Apple Picking

What I like about this farm is that the trees are pretty low. Acrobatic moves are not necessary. Except here, where most of the lower hanging fruit were already picked. Jaxson was thrilled for a lift.

Jaxson sampling apple

We found one row that still had red apples: Magnolia Gold. These were much smaller–snack sized. How can you go apple picking without sampling some right off the branch?

Apple Fritters from Larriland

I also needed my fill of their apple fritters. Steaming hot right out the fryer and doused with powder sugar. I’d make them at home if I didn’t dislike deep frying so much.

Jaxson showing off apple pie

After we made it home, the kids helped wash and dry all 50 pounds. Then we rewarded our hard work with an apple pie.

Two weeks later, we still have too many apples. So this morning  after the kids went to school, I made an apple pie. Less you think I’m the perfect homemaker, I cheat and buy refrigerated pie crusts. Perfect for pies and quiche!

What’s your favorite recipe that includes apples? Because I need to figure out what do with all these apples!

P.S. All photos taken on my Galaxy S6 phone. Check out my smartphone camera tips.

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