3 Shows On Netflix I’m Binge Watching

I go through these spurts where I binge watch a Netflix show and then get depressed that there are no more episodes. It’s a Netflix hangover. Warming up to another series can take a while because I’m still thinking about the previous show. It’s hard to let go of those characters.

I figure you’re like me and are always on the look out for good shows to watch on Netflix. Why not share my latest obsessions?

Shows on Netflix I’m Binge Watching

Hell on Wheels Season 5

Hell on Wheels My husband and I are totally into AMC’s Hell on Wheels, a post-Civil War drama about the building of our country’s transatlantic railroad. The first 4 seasons are currently on Netflix and season 5 started this past weekend. To be honest, I’d never heard of this show until I was sent a press release for it. Instead of diving into season 5, we’ve started at the very beginning.

Hell on Wheels is good, y’all. Great writing. The cinematography is amazing. The colors are moody as hell (see what I did there?). And the southern accents aren’t exaggerated-a pet peeve of mine. What draws me in the most is how the show depicts the racial and socioeconomic issues of the time. There are Freedman (freed slaves), Irish immigrants, Germans, Johnny Rebels (southerners), and Yankees. Apparently season 5 finally introduces the Chinamen who also worked on the railroad.

Ascension TV series

Ascension I found this episode just scrolling through Netflix. It’s a short first season (currently billed as a mini-series), but definitely worth the 6 episode investment. I was drawn in by the 1960s inspired costumes. In 1963, the United States secretly launched a spacecraft towards the nearest know inhabitable planet. Ascension was mankind’s last hope to keep civilization alive. Created to support life for 3 or more generations, the people living in the spacecraft have create their own government, new traditions, and secrets.

The show is incredibly multi-layered. There’s a huge cliffhanger in episode 2 that will make you say, WTF! At least for me. If you like Fringe, Under the Dome, or Continuum, I highly recommend.

Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries This Australian show is a totally fluffy, fun escape for me. Miss Fisher refuses to conform to society’s view on women’s roles. After inheriting scads of money, she returns to her hometown and sets up show as a private detective. She’s single, strong willed, and isn’t afraid to take on lovers. She butts heads with the local law enforcement when she manages to insert herself in every case.

The chemistry between her and Detective Jack is what keeps me watching this series! In fact, I totally Netflix-cheated on my husband with this show and watched the entire 3rd season without him. Oops.

What tv shows are you currently binge watching?