My Week in Louisiana

Beignet Moustaches at Coffee Call via I'm Not the Nanny

It’s been almost two weeks since I dropped my kids off at my parents’ home in Louisiana. I only uploaded all my photos a few days ago. Total slacker! Actually, I’ve just been busy working behind the scenes. I’d had deadlines for freelance work and have been getting Bawdy Bookworms ready to launch (more on that soon).

Sophia with short curly hair via I'm Not the Nanny

Did I mention that Sophia requested a shorter haircut than usual? She’s so stinking cute!

We kept busy the week I was there with them. The first thing we did on our full day in Louisiana was go out for beignets. This place makes what they call beignet “fingers,” which are long strips of beignets instead of the traditional square ones. Don’t worry, I made sure to eat some square ones too.

Swimming with kids via I'm Not the Nanny

We ate tons of Vietnamese and Louisianian food (of course). I got to see my cousin’s new home and their beautiful swimming pool. The kids especially loved the swimming pool. They’ve been taking swim lessons for about a year now and are much confident in the pool. That’s one of the perks of parenting–watching your kids grow before your very eyes.

Black Jack with Family via I'm Not the Nanny

The sort-of housewarming party turned into one of my childhood extended family gatherings. Except this time, I was one of the adults. My kids and my cousins’ kids were the ones running around. We ate lots of BBQ food and played cards. My family is a card shark family–we love a good game of blackjack (with Vietnamese rules). I managed to make a few dollars.

Jaxson and Auntie K via I'm Not the Nanny

The kids are having a great time with my sister and my parents. If it were not for my sister, I don’t think the kids would stay that long in Louisiana. She takes them to the library, movies, and museums. The kids are super active and my mom just can’t keep up with them everyday. So Auntie K to the rescue!

Before I sign off for the weekend, I leave you with photo. Without a caption.

Kids with Turtle Statue via I'm Not the Nanny

As we were driving back from my cousin’s home, we made an unscheduled bathroom stop at the Atchafalaya Visitor Center (trying saying that 3 times fast). The center had a small exhibit about the swamps/marshes of Louisiana with statues of various wildlife. How could we resist a photo opp with a gigantic turtle?

How would you caption that photo?