More Date Nights, More Selfies (Usies)

Date Night Selfie

“You are so lucky,” says everyone who discovers that our kids are away Grandparent Camp for most of the summer.

I totally agree. Since we started this tradition, my husband and I have used this time to chill, hang out, reconnect, and declutter our home. Our childfree time feels vast and full of potential. The first summer, we hit breweries for beer tastings, went out for happy hours, and saw lots of R-rated movies. Things we don’t do when the kids are around.

This summer has been a bit more laid back. I’m definitely cooking less and haven’t done any baking like I wanted to. (I’m working on a Vietnamese coffee whoopie pie recipe.) We’re eating out more and watching more bad disaster movies.

Thien-Kim selfie with husband

Our quality time makes me feel part of a couple again. Not just a team raising two wicked smart and energetic kids. Sort of our life before we got married and had kids. Except wiser and with smaller budgets for dates. Next month we celebrate 13 years of marriage and it shows. In a good way. We can just sit next to each other–just be near each other without pressure to do something or say something. He knows my mood just by looking at me. I can tell he wants something but won’t ask by the twinkle in his eyes. Our love for each other fits like a glove.

Whether our date nights are at home or out, I’m trying to take more photos of just me and my husband. Often I’m the one behind the camera so I’m not in many photos. We’ve never had formal family portraits taken, so selfies are the way to go for now.

Sleepy in bed selfie

We have a couple more weeks before the husband goes to pick up the kids. No matter what we decide for date nights, I plan on taking more selfies. Or usies, as Sophia calls them. Just photos of me and him, so we can remember that we are still a couple. We’re still husband and wife. Not just father and mother.

Whatever we decide to do for our next date night, we’re taking photos! And I’ll share some, even if do look a bit silly.

Do you take selfies or usies?


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