Don’t Ignore Your Home During Summer Vacation

This is part one of a sponsored post series with Piper. I received a Piper nv unit to review. All opinions are my own. #MyPiper #PiperSecurity

Camp Grandparents 2014

Yep, summer vacation totally rocks at Camp Grandparents

The kids and I are counting the days until summer vacation. In just a handful of days, I drop them off for Camp Grandparents in Louisiana. I’ll spend a week with my family, usually eating as much beignets, hush puppies and other Louisiana delicacies as I can.

Once I return to DC, hubby and I will get lots of child-free quality time. (Can you hear me cheering?) This summer, we’re planning a weekend getaway not too far from DC. I love planning summer vacations. So far I’ve researched nearby wineries, distilleries, couples retreats, and bed & breakfasts. So much potential and so many Yelp reviews to read.

You know what I leave at last minute? Planning on who will take care our cat Pixie and our home while we’re away.  Since we’re just leaving for a couple of nights, I don’t need to get a cat sitter. But I always worry about our apartment. Turns out we’re not the only ones.

Piper recently took a survey about summer travel. The survey revealed that only 19% of summer travelers will monitor their homes via security system this summer, while 37% will trust their safety to door and window locks and 45% have no plans to check in on their homes at all.

You know what they do for home security? Leave a light on. Yep, guilty as charged. When we went to Disney last month, we were scrambling around for our light timers the night before. Not the best way to start our vacation. That 60 watt light just isn’t enough.

Piper nv Home Security system via I'm Not the Nanny

The survey also revealed that 39% of us would most like to see our homes while we’re on vacation. I’ve never considered setting up a home security system for my apartment because it seems like a lot of work for such a small space. Once I plugged in my Piper nv, it only took me 5 minutes to download the app to my smartphone and set it up. I can’t believe I haven’t done it sooner!

Checking out Piper nv Home Security system via I'm Not the Nanny

Jaxson is pretty excited about it. He named dubbed the device “Minion” because it only has one eye!

My husband will still be in DC while the kids and I are in Louisiana, but the kids have already requested that we use Piper nv to check on Pixie. They are a little sad about missing her birthday this summer, but at least they can watch her sleep on our couch!

I’ll report back with a full review of Piper nv once I get back from Louisiana. You’ll even have the chance to win your very own Piper nv. Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss it!

Do you have a home security system or have you been using a light (like us)?

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