I Only Ate Halfway Around Epcot World Showcase

Family at Epcot

As soon as we finalized our plans to Disney World for Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, I knew I had to eat my way around the world, via Epcot World Showcase.

My husband’s fondly recalls his childhood visit to Epcot–often. In fact, every time Disney World comes up, he recalls how he and his mother ate their way around the world. The street performances are forever etched in his memory. He’s talked it up so much, I knew I wanted us to visit the World Showcase together.

We didn’t see or eat everything, but we had fun trying!

Sodas From Around the World at Epcot

On our way to the World Showcase, we stopped at Club Cool to taste sodas from around the world. It’s totally free. Just grab a small paper cup and try samples of 8 different sodas from around the world.

Cool Club Sampling

My favorite was the Brazilian Kuat, while my husband liked Inca Cola. The kids liked the two Fantas from Greece and Thailand the best. Nobody liked the Italian aperitif. I think it’s an acquired taste.

Croissant Donut at Epcot World Showcase

Before we officially stepped into the international showcase, my husband stopped for a croissant doughnut at the Refreshment Port. Aw, man, the cronut was crispy on the outside, buttery and flaky on the inside and sprinkled with the right amount of cinnamon sugar. I regret not buying another one.

Bonitas Botanico Epcot World Showcase

Our next stop was at the outdoor kitchen Bonitas Botanico (between France and Morocco) to sample foods from South America.  The white corn arepa with braised beef and chayote slaw was crispy on the outside. The beef was tender and full of flavor. The rest of the family isn’t a fan of ceviche so I got to eat the entire thing by myself!

Yuzu Plum Wine Slush in Japan Epcot

The kids were wilting in the heat and humidity by this point, but I dragged them to Japan. And rewarded myself this frosty yuzu plum wine slushie from outdoor kitchen Hanami. Then they kids discovered Mitsukoshi Department Store that was filled with Pokemon, Sailor Moon, and other fabulous Japanese pop culture icons. I almost bought this super soft Totoro plushie. So cute!

Family Epcot World Showcase Eiffel Tower

So we only made it halfway around the world, but I was not disappointed. I can’t wait to return and sample food and drinks from Germany, Norway, Mexico (tequila!), and more! We made the kids take a photo with the Eiffel Tower in the background. They were exhausted!

Epcot Starbucks Mug

At least I was able to grab my special edition Epcot Starbucks mug!

P.S. The outdoor kitchens aren’t listed on the Disney website, but they’re on the My Disney Experience app.

Have you been to Epcot World Showcase? What’s your favorite food there?


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