My 2014 Word of the Year Treated Me Well


2014 Word of the Year


That was my word for 2014. With only a few weeks left in 2014, I’ve been reflecting on how that word has guided me this year. My intention behind the embrace was to remind myself to love me, imperfections and all. To not be too hard on myself.

I think I mostly accomplished my intention. I said no to more things than I normally would have. I stop beating myself up for being so ambitious in my dreams. I felt less guilty about leaving my family while I traveled for different conferences and meetings.

I even embraced my fear and learned how to swim, even if I didn’t attend all of my lessons. While I’m still a little shaky in the deep end of the pool, I’m much more comfortable in the water. I showed my kids that they could embrace their fears and learn how to swim too.

Most exciting of all was that I embraced my idea for Bawdy Bookworms and entered the Wells Fargo Perfect Pitch contest at Blogalicious this year. I didn’t expect to win, but holy moly, I did! The journey alone was worth it. Writing my very first business plan was scary, but writing down my ideas solidified my passion for the project.

Best of all is that my husband was always there to support me, no matter what I tried or what I failed at. 2014 has been a good year.

I’ll come back soon to share what my 2015 word of the year is.

Did you choose a word for 2014? How has it worked for you?


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