A Vietnamese Christmas Menu

I’ve been going back and forth about what to serve for our family’s Christmas dinner. Since it’s just the four of us this year, I don’t feel obligated to make anything fancy or big. At first I was considering a nice steak dinner, but I think it’s time for a new Christmas dinner tradition.

I’m planning a Vietnamese Christmas Dinner Menu

Of course there’s no such thing as Vietnamese Christmas dinner. I’m just making some of our favorite Vietnamese dishes for our holiday meal.

Eggrolls photo by Robert BanhPhoto by Robert Banh via Creative Commons

First on the menu is Vietnamese eggrolls. Growing up, I remember a huge tray of these light, crispy eggrolls at every big family gathering. We always had some for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. What makes Vietnamese eggrolls different from the ones from your favorite Chinese takeout joint? The filling is mostly pork, sometimes a little shrimp plus some bean thread noodles and wood ear mushrooms. The wrapper is thinner and lighter too. Not like the heavy cabbage filled ones from Chinese restaurants.

I called my mother right before Thanksgiving for her recipe (and I use that term loosely as she never measures), but didn’t have the chance to make them. I hope to have visions of eggrolls on my Christmas table.

 Family Soup Hot Pot by ssourFamily Soup Hot Pot by ssour via Creative Commons

Our main attraction will be bò nhúng dấm aka beef hot pot. After realizing that Jaxson’s never experienced a Vietnamese hot pot, my decision was made. The concept is very similar to shabu shabu, where you cook your food at the table. There’s usually a flavorful broth that is kept warm/hot at the table. There’s fancy devices out there, but my mom always used an electric skillet.

Though beef is most common, sometimes seafood such as squid and shrimp are also served. There’s also tons of fixings so you can wrap your cooked protein in lettuce leaves, rice noodles and/or rice wrappers (same as used in spring/summer rolls). My mouth is watering as I type this!

I’m not sure if I want to make my mom’s beer, tomato, and onion broth or try something new.

Rambutans at Hmart

Dessert. I have no idea what to make for dessert. By the time we finish our hot pot, we’ll be stuffed! I’m thinking something light like fruit or a small piece of candy.  I don’t think rambutans are in season but maybe I’ll check at my local Hmart.

So that’s my Vietnamese Christmas menu plan.

What do you usually eat for Christmas dinner?

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