Our Family’s Favorite Christmas Music Albums

Family Favorite Christmas Albums at I'm Not the Nanny

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, I can admit it. I love listening to Christmas music. The start of Advent was my favorite because the Christmas songs are full of hope and rejoicing. I guess that’s why I’ve never given up on celebrating Christmas.

The kids have also grown to love Christmas music. We even listen to it outside the month of December. We have two stations on Pandora dedicated to Christmas music. We’ve gotten rid of our CD collection except for the Christmas ones. Here in the DC area, one of the radio stations plays Christmas music exclusively starting the week of Thanksgiving. We love it.

Our family’s favorite Christmas albums

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Barenaked for the Holidays by Barenaked Ladies is our all-time family favorite. Last year, we danced to this album by the light of our Christmas tree. It has a great mix of upbeat songs and ballads, including a couple of Hanukkah songs. My favorite is “Elf’s Lament” about a poor elf that never gets the credit he deserves.

Now That’s What I Call Christmas! has double the music with 2 discs (or 36 songs for those who don’t buy CDs anymore). They do a great job putting together different genres of music to create the perfect Christmas playlist. You’ll hear classics like Ella Fitzgerald next to Manheim Steamroller and Britney Spears. This album is part of Amazon’s AutoRip program, meaning if you buy the CD, you’ll automatically get access to the MP3 files.

That’s Christmas To Me by Pentatonix. The kids became fans of this acapella group after hearing them sing on Sesame Street. Naturally we had to YouTube all their other videos afterwards. These kids are majorly talented! When I saw Pentatonix had a Christmas album, I had to buy it. We were not disappointed. This album is also part of the AutoRip program–which the songs are in the cloud and if the kids scratch up the CD, it’s no biggie. (Yes, my kids love CDs.)

Michael Buble’s ChristmasI never expected to become a fan of the smoothed face Buble, but his voice is smooth and easy to listen to. His Christmas album includes guest performers in several duets and an original song by Buble, “Cold December Night.” If you have Amazon Prime, this album is included in Prime Music. The CD version also include AutoRip.

Merry Christmas by Mariah Carey. After the kids fell in love with that adorable video of Mariah Carey singing with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots, we added this album to our collection. If you haven’t seen it yet, stop right now and watch it. I’ll wait. (AutoRip feature is also available for this album.)

Technically, the love actually soundtrack isn’t a Christmas album, but the movie is one of my favorites. It’s set around the holidays and is all about love, community and how we’re all connected. The soundtrack reminds me of all those warm fuzzy feelings.

In addition to those 6 albums, I’m considering adding the following to our collection:

Now that the kids have come to the Muppet side, I think they’ll appreciate A Christmas Together by John Denver and The Muppets. What do you think? Do your kids like this one? (This one is part of Amazon Prime Music and the CD includes AutoRip.)

Holiday Wishes by Idina Menzel: My husband and I were fans of her the first time we heard the 1996 Rent Original Broadway Cast Recording. I’m glad the rest of America has discovered her amazing voice, thanks to Disney’s Frozen. I previewed the album and it sound really good. Does anyone have this one yet? What are your thoughts?

What are your favorite Christmas albums?


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