Top Educational Toys Under $25 + Giveaway

This gift guide is written in partnership with and their new Overstock Kids Zone created in partnership with PBS Kids. All times were under $25 at time of publication. Prices subject to change. This post contains affiliate links.

Top Educational Toys Under $25 at I'm Not the Nanny

I love toys that do double duty: entertain and educate. I definitely feel like super mom when I can get the toys at a good price. Enter Overstock Kid Zone, a curated shop within Overstock that includes hundreds of children’s products across many categories, offers a diverse selection of toys any parents will approve. Better yet, a portion of the proceeds from every sale in Overstock’s Kid Zone will go to support PBS KIDS’ mission of educating children.

I’ve put together a selection of toys that my kids would love (or loved when they were younger) unwrapping. Make sure to enter the giveaway for $25 to shop at Overstock after you check out the toys in the gift guide.

Top Educational Toys Under $25

Educational for Children up to 4 years

Melissa & Doug Pound and Roll Tower Play Set

Melissa & Doug Pound and Roll Tower Play Set ($21): Oh, what power a little wooden hammer can yield. Little ones will learn about cause and effect as they pound one of the brightly colored balls down a series of ramps. Melissa & Doug make simple, well-thought out toys that will keep kids entertained.

Fisher Price Smart Screen Laptop

Fisher Price Smart Screen Laptop ($22): When my daughter was young, she loved her little toy laptop. She’d sit next to me and bang on her durable toy while I worked on my laptop. This one is very similar to the one we had. It teaches letters, numbers, and shapes. It even teaches Spanish! With its bright colors, large buttons and fun songs, your little one can pretend to “work” too.

Guidecraft One to Four Sorter Toy

Guidecraft One to Four Sorter Toy
 ($25): I’m always amazed how a simple toy like this wooden sorting and counting toy can keep kids entertained. I’m not complaining since they can learn numbers, colors, and shapes all in one toy.

Educational Toys for Children 5 to 8 years

Uncle Milton Ladybug Meadow Bug Jug

Uncle Milton Ladybug Meadow Bug Jug
 ($16): After last summer’s adventure with our monarch butterfly, I know my kids will be excited about having their own ladybug pet. This kit includes the domed habitat, a magnifier to study them up close, and, of course, a bug collector for when you spot the perfect ladybug.

Uncle Milton National Geographic 4-in-1 Navigation Tool

Uncle Milton National Geographic 4-in-1 Navigation Tool ($12): Your child will find adventure everywhere they go with is navigational tool. The compact set contains compass, signal finder, whistle, thermometer and carabineer.

Children's Dino T-Rex Skull Plastic Excavation Kit with Tools

Children’s Dino T-Rex Skull Plastic Excavation Kit with Tools
 ($22): Have a budding archaeologist in your family? Why not give him or her the chance to dig excavate and reassemble a T-rex skull. Luck for us parents, the skull is not life sized!

Educational Toys for Children 8 years and Up

Scientific Explorers Perfumery Kit

Scientific Explorers Perfumery Kit
 ($18): There’s a science involved in making perfumes, but the end result will always (hopefully) smell great. This kit comes with some basic supplies and instructions for your child to make his or her signature fragrance.

Scientific Explorers 'Disgusting Science' Kit

Scientific Explorers ‘Disgusting Science’ Kit
 ($16): If your child prefers gross things instead of sweet fragrances, try this kit. With some parental supervision, your child can answer questions like “Why do feet really stink?” Do you want to know?

Toysmith Water Rocket

Toysmith Water Rocket
 ($21): Build your own water-powered rocket! This kit comes with everything you need to build a rocket (except the water) and instructions on how to make it fly up to 30 feet in the air! We had a similar kit and the neighborhood kids thought we were the coolest parents ever!

Looking for more? Overstock Kid Zone has different theme shops: Pretend Play, Arts & Crafts, Kids Bedrooms and more!

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