I’m A Wells Fargo Perfect Pitch Finalist!

Wells Fargo Perfect Pitch Finalists at Blogalicious


When the email arrived in my inbox, I had to read it twice. I’m a finalist for this year’s Wells Fargo Perfect Pitch Contest at Blogalicious!

I almost didn’t apply for the contest, but my friend Amiyrah at 4 Hats and Frugal encouraged me–no, pushed me–to submit and entry. Writing a business plan overview and a case study was intimidating, but I got it done. Once I hit the send button, I realized that just the exercise of writing a detailed business plan helped me more than I expected.

My idea is for an expansion to my virtual book club, From Left to Write, which I’ll unveil over on that website soon. Hopefully tomorrow.

I’m in San Antonio now for the conference and still slightly freaking out that my idea made the cut. On Friday, I get to pitch my idea live in front of a panel of judges AND all the Blogalicious attendees. The winner receives $8,000 and lots of other benefits. Wow, right?

No matter the outcome, I’m glad I took the leap.


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