Grab the Goodies App Teaches Kids Healthy Habits

Thanks to the FAAR for sponsoring this post because it’s an important message. All opinions are my own.

Grab the Goodies App-I'm Not the Nanny

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but somehow Sophia is now a third grader. It’s so cliche to say that our kids grow so fast, but it does feel that way. The older she becomes, the more her friends will influence her. Now is the time to began the conversation about important topics.That’s why we begin discussing underage drinking with her since she first asked about mom’s “special grown up drink,” aka my occasional glass of wine. At the young age of 2 or 3, our message about drinking alcohol was pretty basic: alcohol is not for kids because it’s not good for their bodies.

While not every family discusses alcohol consumption with their kids at such a young age, those conversations are important. The earlier you talk about it, the better. If you’re not sure how to began the conversation, the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility has developed a free educational app called Grab the Goodies–just in time for back to school. The app is a new component to the Ask Listen Learn: Kids and Alcohol Don’t Mix program to assist parents in their ongoing efforts to teach their kids to say YES to a healthy lifestyle and NO to underage drinking!

Grab the Goodies screenshot

Grab the Goodies is geared for kids ages 6-9–though little brother Jaxson enjoys playing the app with his sister too. The app enables kids to learn about the negative consequences of underage drinking and empowers them to make healthy lifestyle decisions as they grow older.

Questions on Grab the Goodies App

There’s two main parts to the app. Kids feed the hungry octopus various items as it appears on the screen. But watch out for the alcohol bottles! The octopus only wants things that are good for it: fruits, good grades, soccer balls. After he’s had his fill, kids are prompted to answer multiple choice questions about how alcohol affects their bodies, good nutrition and healthy habits. Correct answers earn extra points and allow kids to move to the next level.

I recommend playing Grab the Goodies with your child so you can discuss the questions as he or she answers them. Use the app as a conversation starter. If you’re not sure how to approach it, take a look at the Parent’s Corner at FAAR.  As I played the app with Sophia, I realized that we haven’t discussed the topic deeply enough, especially since she’s so science minded. The app gave the chance to explain what alcohol can do to our bodies. If it can affect adults bodies a certain way, how could it affect her body and her decision making process?

Playing Grab the Goodies Together-I'm Not the Nanny

Try it out! Download the free Grab The Goodies app from iTunes or Google Play. For more information, visit the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility and get helpful tips and materials for starting open conversations with your kids about alcohol from their Ask, Listen, Learn program.

Talking about underage drinking to 6 to 9 year olds can feel scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Grab the Goodies approaches the topic in a way that’s accessible for kids and makes a perfect conversation starter about an important topic. I appreciate that the questions are also about good nutrition and making healthy choices, not just underage drinking.

For more information, visit the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility and get helpful tips and materials for starting open conversations with your kids about alcohol from their Ask, Listen, Learn program.

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