Meet Swifty the Betta Fish

Swifty Swim the Betta Fish-I'm Not the Nanny

Meet our newest family member, Swift Swim the Betta Fish. Better known as Swifty. We weren’t planning on adding a fish to our family, but the kids have been begging for a dog. So a betta fish is the next best thing, right? Especially when we already have a cat? Actually, as a National Geographic Kids Insider, we received everything we needed for a Betta fish from NatGeo’s new line of specialty pet supplies at PetSmart. I’ve been promising the kids a pet fish for a while, so the timing was perfect.

NatGeo Oasis Betta Aquarium

Plus who can resist the ancient Egyptian themed aquarium? Right now all the National Geographic pet supplies are on sale at PetSmart. Download this printable Petsmart coupon for 20% off! There’s an entire line of NatGeo products for fish, gerbils, guinea pigs, and small reptiles.

The kids were in Louisiana when all the supplies arrived, so hubby and I went to PetSmart to do some reconnaissance. After perusing all the beautiful betta fish available, I texted my sister three photos so the kids could “pick” out their newest pet. Of course we had them choose the fish’s name. I love that technology can help the kids feel involved even when they’re so far away!

We don’t know very much about raising betta fish, but PetSmart has everything I ever need to know about betta fish on their website! I also picked up a pamphlet with similar info (I’m still a paper person). We followed all the instructions to get our aquarium ready for Swifty Swim. Everything was pretty simple and if the kids were here, they could have done most of the prep work. Don’t worry, I’ll teach them how to change out Swifty’s water. A betta makes a great beginner pet. Easy to take care of and low maintenance.

Pixie Meeting Swifty Betta Fish-I'm Not the Nanny

My main concern was how Pixie (our very curious cat) would react to our fish. Pixie was not shy about meeting our newest family member. Swifty the Betta fish didn’t feel the same way.

Pixie Cat Looking at Betta Fish-I'm Not the Nanny

Swifty hid at the bottom of the aquarium, under her plant. (Betta instructions recommend something in the aquarium to hide under. It makes them feel safer.)

Pixie Cat Petting Swifty Betta Fish-I'm Not the Nanny

Which of course meant that Pixie needed a closer look. This was the first day. Thankfully, they’ve both gotten used to each other. Pixie is not trying so hard to “meet” Swifty. The fish isn’t as scared of the cat. Now I think Swifty mocks Pixie because she can’t actually get to him.

The aquarium sits next to my desk and just looking at Swifty throughout my day makes me happy. There’s something relaxing about having a beautiful fish swimming next to you. If your kids want a pet, a betta fish is a greater starter fish!


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